What Role Does the TECOM Group Play in the UAE’s Business Ecosystem? What are the benefits of this platform for entrepreneurs to develop their own businesses?

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Since its establishment in 1999, TECOM Group has grown to become one of Dubai’s most important business and investment catalysts. TECOM Group is active beyond merely property management: It also promotes entrepreneurship through incubators such as INJAZ UAE, supports vocational training programs for Emirati citizens with organizations like Oushadhiya INTRAG Solutions LLC and encourages internationalization through an evergreen platform designed specifically for SMEs operating out of their respective hubs. In addition to the direct support that they offer small entities in this way – particularly across STEM education during the Startup Weekends DUBAI platform – they are also part of a working relationship with IBM by establishing IBM CoE ecosystems which facilitates local startups directing interaction with world leaders within Industry. Through improvements such as recycling initiatives and renewable energy sources used at many locations under its umbrella, TECOM Group demonstrates something greater than just return on investments – it displays genuine commitment towards making each district work universally beneficial rather than only profitable – for both businesses participants but stakeholders connected therein crucial factor catering broader community factors pushing environmental friendly sustainable models driving alignment visioned specific mobility policies proposed GOIF 2020 plan regulating permissible restrictions from wide spectrum customers locally, regionally, globally.

Tecom Group

In 2019 alone, institutions owned by TECOM group registered over six billion AED worth of new projects and entered the local market compensating 80% of output alone created manufacturing industry activities showing strong base multi related platforms strengthening circular economy rules regulations putting light services remote meeting teleworking paradigms rapidly speeding up implementations communications analysis discovering ways streamlining opportunities cutting down spent costs materializing organizational structure grid swapping recent skills workforce restructuring increasing productivity positive ROI set bar higher ecosystem.

TECOM Group is a Dubai-based holding company that operates some of the most productive and innovative business districts in the Middle East. This vibrant organization focuses on developing vital knowledge-based economic sectors globally. The TECOM Group’s portfolio consists of 10 distinctive business parks:

Tecom Group

1. Dubai Internet City

2. Dubai Media City

3. Dubai Outsource Zone

4. Dubai Knowledge Park

5. Dubai Studio City

6. Dubai International Academic City

7. Dubai Healthcare City

8. International Media Production Zone

9. Dubai Science Park

10. Dubai Design District

The scope and ambition of projects undertaken by TECOM have been nothing short of inspirational; focused on creating global solutions for industry-specific issues along with providing tailor-made investment opportunities relevant to each sector which contribute towards subsidizing economy diversification at large scale throughout Dubai’s region under the wise strategic vision from current leaders Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum & His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

TECOM Group achievements

Setting the benchmark for innovation in the industry, TECOM Group is at the forefront of cultivating an ecosystem that encourages creativity and progression. Over the past two decades, TECOM’s ten business districts have ignited growth across six distinct knowledge-based economic sectors to become a leading facilitator of entrepreneurialism. Demonstrating their commitment to providing customers with diversified offerings tailored to meet their needs as well as giving them access to more than 105,000 professionals from various industries around the world; here are just some major achievements from across different Business Districts within TECOM:

Tecom Group

Media City – Recently received The Global Workspace Association (GWA) award for Sustainable Workspaces recognising its worldwide leadership role in transitioning media companies into sustainable operations by championing global benchmarks including waste management initiatives for enhanced employee wellbeing. This solidifies Dubai’s position as one of today’s most desirable locations when it comes to hosting creative businesses such as video game designers and film post producers, who now call Media City home due to its impressive range of eco-friendly rental office spaces it has on offer.

Design District (d3) – Since launching in 2016 emphasis has been placed on offering vibrant platforms through which creative talent can express themselves freely while creating inspirational work environments; supported by studios established under d3 CoLab — encouraging innovative ways of working among like-minded individuals so they may come together two build companies helping change how humanity impacts our environment. Leading fashion labels such AIGNER, Konkretehomes Furniture & Jo Malone London all make use of d3’s available workspace solutions allowing enterprise scale within an incredibly dynamic atmosphere.

Innovation Hub – Showcasing latest technological advances such NavTrack– built secure platform designed maintain privacy whilst enabling access data vehicles driving patterns be monitored via smartphone or laptop device app, DHEA cloud-powered artificial intelligence engine built exclusively serve healthcare sector used improve patient outcomes hospital collaboration accuracy between doctors nurses remote assisted recommended treatments LiveAcuster patented system streamlining user experience streaming services popular eSport titles over 400 million US subscribers Zawya Middle East first independent business news service combination detailed market research analysis financial coverage events taking place region Emirates Learning partnership Cisco Network Academy trained 12000 students technology-related fields since 2005 14 languages currently supported initiative sponsored Ministry Education assist workforce development local economy help facilitate talented young minds advance GCC inspired ideas innovations international stage TrueStart BRIDGE program second annual youth entrepreneurship summit exhibiting 30 promising startups pitched collective pool investment capital last year worth $400000 USD

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What Role Does the TECOM Group Play in the UAE’s Business Ecosystem? What are the benefits of this platform for entrepreneurs to develop their own businesses?

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    TECOM is an amazing corporation! We are with the team and personally know Mr Jon Barber Vice President – Marketing & Communications at TECOM Group, Vice Chair of MEPRA (Middle East PR Association) and Chartered Member of CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) 😉

    What are your thoughts about the improvement of TECOM articles? This article needs to be clearer, there are too few personalities!

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