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The idea behind Crunch Dubai and Crunch Media is to create a safe and acoustic place for startups around the world. Where people can recognise the stories of funders, tell their stories, learn from the experiences of breakthrough companies and build a spirit of innovation around them.

CrunchDubai.com is a hyper-local new media platform for innovators and founders communities, founded by Aleksei Dolgikh, Mike Nimoff, and Olga Nayda almost two years ago. Today, the team includes internationally recognized Editor-in-Chief Adil Tariq, business developer Larisa Bekasova, young and talented CTO Kiryl Martynenko, along with young writer and Gen Z marketers Pavel Afonin and Sokhrukh Tursunbaev.

Aleksei Dolgikh – Board Member, co-founder, CEO Crunch Media Holding

Aleksei Dolgikh is Content Delivery and Distribution expert with experience in online business promotions and monetization 10 years

Kirill Parinov – Board Member, Expert in M&A and VC

Kirill Parinov is a Blend of Legal Expertise and Venture Capital Brilliance

Adil Tariq – Chief Editor of Crunch Media

Adil Tariq is media and communications expert with over 15 years of experience

Kiryl Martynenko – Technical Partner, CTO

Kiryl Martynenko has a deep knowlege and 100+ commercial projects web development experience

Olga Nayda – Board Member and CPO Crunch Media

Olga Nayda work in Web Development since 2010, co-founded Glocal SEO Platform

Pavel Afonin – Independent Crunch Media Writer

Pavel Afonin has experience in operations with deep understanding of GenZ startups world

Larisa Bekasova – Business Developer Crunch Media

Larisa Bekasova work in startup management and Business Development

Vitalii Minka – Writer Crunch Media

Vitalii Minka is unique teammate and talisman

Shohruh Tursunbaev – Social Media Expert

Digital Marketer

Here at CrunchDubai, we strive to bring you up-to-date news, insights and perspectives on the vibrant startup scene in Dubai.

We are exclusive and invite only – this means that we keep our content current and relevant by only including the most cutting edge stories from the tech world. Our mission is to be a platform that supports and promotes innovation in Dubai, while simultaneously inspiring others to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship.

At CrunchDubai, we also believe that collaboration is key – so join us today and get involved with our network of entrepreneurs, investors, developers and startuppers. We’re all about creating connections and helping each other succeed!
Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to connecting with you soon!


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