Ethics Statement of Crunch/Dubai Media

These principles make us Crunch

Since its inception, Crunch Dubai has upheld a strict ethics policy to ensure editorial independence and journalistic integrity. Our commitment to earning and maintaining our audience’s trust is paramount. Here are our guidelines, which often exceed industry standards:

Editorial Independence

Our independence is our most valuable asset, allowing us to publish stories without fear or favor. We strictly adhere to these core principles:

  • No Acceptance of Gifts: We do not accept anything of value from companies or PR firms, including gifts, meals, discounted services, or paid trips.
  • No Preconditions: We do not accept any preconditions for story coverage that require us to say certain things.
  • No Previews or Approvals: Subjects of our reporting cannot preview or approve interview questions or stories before publication.
  • No Personal Conflicts: Reporters do not cover people or companies where they have a personal conflict of interest.
  • No Paid Endorsements: We do not make paid endorsements of any kind.
  • No Personal Investments: Our team does not invest in companies we cover.
  • No Paid Content Production: Our editorial team does not produce paid content.

Professional Conduct

In addition to preserving our independence, our reporters are held to the highest standards of professional conduct. We prioritize truth, accuracy, and honesty in our reporting. This means rigorously verifying facts, protecting the confidentiality of our sources, and striving to minimize harm. Our editorial team follows the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics as a baseline for professional conduct. We aim to ensure that every piece of content we publish meets these high standards, fostering trust and reliability among our readership.

Sourcing Standards

We maintain high standards for sourcing information. When speaking with us, the default mode is “on the record,” where statements can be quoted and attributed. If you prefer to speak “on background,” allowing us to use descriptors like “company spokesperson” without identifying you directly, this must be mutually agreed upon. “Off the record” conversations are not used in our reporting unless sourced otherwise and also require mutual agreement.


Our editorial team maintains a strict separation from advertising. Sponsored content is clearly marked as “Advertiser Content” or “Presented by,” ensuring transparency. While some content may contain affiliate links, our editorial decisions are not influenced by these partnerships. This clear delineation preserves the integrity and independence of our reporting, ensuring that our audience can trust the content we produce.

Corrections and Updates

We are committed to transparency and accuracy. If we discover an error in our reporting, we promptly correct it and provide a clear notice explaining the correction. When updates are made to provide additional context or new information, these changes are clearly noted. If content infringes on third-party rights or violates laws, it may be removed in consultation with our legal team, ensuring compliance and respect for all applicable regulations.


Our reviews are honest, independent, and free from external influence. Companies may loan products for evaluation, but this does not affect our review. Occasionally, we agree to embargoes to evaluate products before their release, ensuring comprehensive and timely assessments.

Personal Investing

Employees are prohibited from investing in companies we cover or trading in cryptocurrencies. This policy prevents conflicts of interest and maintains the integrity of our reporting.

Other Employment

Our team members do not work for or receive compensation from companies they cover. Additionally, they are not allowed to conduct journalism for other publications without express permission from the editor-in-chief.


Contests and giveaways conducted by Crunch Dubai or its partners are clearly defined and bound by specific rules. While sponsored, these giveaways are not endorsements of the involved entities or products.


We maintain editorial independence from our investors. Our content is created without investor influence, and we disclose any relevant relationships when necessary. Crunch Dubai is a part of Crunch Media


Partnership-created content is clearly disclosed, maintaining transparency about editorial involvement.Content created through partnerships is clearly disclosed, ensuring transparency about the nature of the relationship and the extent of editorial involvement.


We value your feedback on our ethical standards. If you see something concerning, please let us know.

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