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From its strategically designed headquarters in Dubai, TECOM Group has been at the vanguard of innovation since their establishment over two decades ago. And now, with the introduction of AXS – an online portal offering a range of government and corporate services – they’re pushing boundaries even further.

Unlike traditional models where customers would have to go through many steps of paperwork in order to access any single service offered by City authorities, companies or business partners – AXS is simplifying this process dramatically as it can provide digital support from start to end within minutes without compromising on quality. Customers no longer need physical documents for verification purposes; instead, they can use their verified Emirates ID which provides seamless validation of credentials and an enhanced security measure at the same time! With AXS customers now enjoy swift transactions without having to worry about paperwork hassles along the way.

The simple-to-use platform allows businesses across the city to quickly register for licences and renewals employing sophisticated automation integrations that make it quicker than ever before — no more waiting lines! It also lets users apply for business visas in just three easy steps without having to leave their office; all from one intuitive interface accessible 24/7 from anywhere you have internet access.

The platform allows users to access a wide range of services such as business registration and licensing, visa processing, financial services, commerce solutions, and more. It also provides users with information about upcoming events, industry news, and research reports. Additionally, users can access contact details for government entities, local businesses, and professional service providers.

AXS provides a wide range of services for businesses, entrepreneurs, and students in the UAE. Through AXS, more than 7,500 business partners and their 120,000 business professionals, entrepreneurs and students are connected to the resources they need to succeed. This is facilitated by TECOM Group’s strategic partnerships with a growing number of government entities including the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, the Emirates Identity Authority, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Customs, Emirates Post Group and the Dubai Department of Economic Development, amongst others.

What sets this revolutionary platform apart is its AI-assisted customer service system which connects clients with live agents around clock via phone or an integrated help desk system making any troubleshooting scenarios super convenient and user-friendly—no more getting lost on those long voice prompts menus! Additionally, the interactive support ensures customers receive detailed updates throughout their entire journey whether it be license-related tasks or visa requirements giving them added confidence when using AXS.

With consistent efforts towards modernizing processes and seamless collaboration between business stakeholders involved -from startups ready to launch new ventures to larger enterprises requiring professional services TECOM Group’s pioneering portfolio hub promises efficient digital solutions ensuring success like never seen before.

The platform has been recognized for its excellence in customer service. In 2019, it was named the best Smart Service at the Gulf Customer Experience Awards. It also won the Best Government Services category at the International Business Excellence Awards 2017.

  1. What is AXS Portal and how does it benefit TECOM Group clients?

    Why? Launched in 2014, axs is a smart platform offering over 200 services. It benefits clients with a seamless digital experience and customer care centers.

  2. How can businesses access and utilize the services offered by AXS Portal?

    Why? Accessing axs’s range of over 200 government and corporate services is key for businesses in TECOM’s communities

  3. What range of services does AXS Portal provide to TECOM Group members?

    Why? AXS offers more than 200 government and corporate solutions, including visas and licensing, vital for TECOM’s 10 communities

  4. Are there any cost implications for using AXS Portal services by TECOM Group?

    Why? Investigating the cost structure of axs’s extensive service range is crucial for businesses planning to use the platform.

  5. How does AXS Portal ensure data security and privacy for its users?

    Why? In an era prioritizing data security, understanding axs’s measures for user data protection is essential.

  6. Can AXS Portal be integrated with other business systems or platforms?

    Why? Businesses benefit from knowing axs’s compatibility and integration capabilities with other systems.

  7. What makes AXS Portal unique compared to other business service platforms in Dubai?

    Why? AXS’s unique offering of over 200 integrated services sets it apart in Dubai’s digital landscape.

  8. How does AXS Portal contribute to the overall digital transformation goals of TECOM Group?

    Why? AXS plays a pivotal role in TECOM’s digital transformation, processing 40,000 transactions in the first half of 2020 alone.

  9. What training or support does TECOM Group offer for new users of AXS Portal?

    Why? New users benefit from understanding the training and support provided for axs’s wide range of services.

  10. Are there any recent upgrades or future enhancements planned for AXS Portal?

    Why? Staying informed about axs’s evolution, which supports 7,500 plus companies and 125,000 plus professionals and students, is crucial for its users.

February 18, 2023

  1. Aleksei Dolgikh 11 months ago

    Our company MyGlocal FZ-LLC and @olianayda have had a really interesting experience with AXS! Will ask her to write here in comments about this venture 🙂

    • Olga Nayda 11 months ago

      Thank you, Aleksei, for tagging me here. It was very exciting to incorporate and make visas with AXS, I’m very hope that other services of AXS are working well as well!

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