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Crunch Dubai is all about delving into the dynamic, exciting future of tech and innovation in Dubai and beyond. We’re thrilled to have you here and hope you’ll join our vibrant community of smart, enthusiastic individuals.

Community Guidelines:

Be Respectful: Engage in conversations by being inclusive and considerate. Respect is more than politeness; it’s about encouraging meaningful dialogue and making others feel welcome.

Be Curious: Show up with the same curiosity we bring to our posts. Embrace the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds in our community. Learning together is fun!

Be Relevant: Share unique insights and stay on topic. Avoid low-effort comments like “slow news day” or “tl;dr.” Instead, contribute something valuable to the conversation.

Support Your Arguments: Just like our articles, your comments should be backed by credible sources. Share links to news stories, studies, or insightful videos to enrich the discussion.

Help Us Out: Our moderators strive to keep Crunch Dubai a welcoming place. Report comments that violate our guidelines, such as spam, personal attacks, or offensive content.


  • No Personal Attacks: Avoid attacking or insulting others. This includes calling members trolls.
  • No Discrimination: Racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination will result in a ban.
  • Stay Professional: Refrain from commenting on someone’s appearance, voice, or style.
  • No Trolling: Derailing conversations will not be tolerated.
  • No Misinformation: Posts promoting falsehoods or conspiracy theories will be removed.
  • No Doxxing: Don’t reveal personal information of others.
  • No Illegal Activities: Links to illegal downloads or services are not allowed.
  • No NSFW Material: Anything beyond PG-13 is unacceptable.
  • Constructive Feedback Only: Discuss our coverage respectfully. Accusations of bias or unproductive comments are not allowed.
  • No Spam: Self-promotion and spam will be deleted.

Our moderators ensure that Crunch Dubai remains friendly, engaging, and productive. Violations may lead to comment removal or bans.

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