Dubai Production City in the shortest time allow entrepreneurs to open a business in media and production area at minimal cost

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Dubai Production City

Dubai Production City (DPC) or formerly International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) was established in 2003 as a free zone one of 10 TECOM Group districts. It is situated in the Jumeirah Village Triangle, just off Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. It offers an open and modern environment that caters to both commercial production needs, as well as lifestyle demands for entertainment and leisure activities. The media park combines technology-driven solutions such as design support programs with spacious industrial land lots positioned alongside vibrant residential communities like Wetland Views 2 and Akoya Oxygen by DAMAC Properties UAE.

At Dubai Production City businesses are encouraged to reach their goals faster through cost-effective tax incentives – including a 0% corporate tax rate which is matched only by one other TAX-free zone in the world; 100% exemption on personal income tax; no foreign exchange restrictions within or outside borders; unlimited repatriation of capital & profits compared to all other SECs globally; flexibility on labour laws & regulations recruited locally from around 34 nations, making it easy for business owners access local talent required for operations worldwide who come with sound educational credentials, experiences. This provides them convenient access to backfilling requirements when necessary at low costs due to lenient immigration policies applicable across Dubai specifically this related secure engagement over longer durations than most global countries offer generally certified professionals etc…

Dubai Production City in the shortest time allow entrepreneurs to open a business in media and production area at minimal cost

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Establishing a business in DPC

Dubai Production City is a holistic community offering corporate, retail and residential lifestyles, as well as the region’s first dedicated community aimed at promoting the growth of the production industry. The Dubai International Media Production Zone enjoys free zone privileges and laws that facilitate business activities, as well as a vibrant community that supports and grows the media production industry. Establishing a business in the International Media Production Zone [IMPZ] can be used to start a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ or FZ LLC) or a branch of any other international business corporation/organization.

Dubai Production City in the shortest time allow entrepreneurs to open a business in media and production area at minimal cost

Dubai Production City activities:

1) Digital and newspaper printing Dubai Production City Business Formation.
2) Commercial and industrial printing for company formation in DPC.
3) Business support services for media and production activities.
4) Internet publishing and electronic content management in Dubai Production City.

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