An innovative startup from Dubai, UAE, is changing the way people enjoy perfumes. Feely‘s artificial intelligence system creates a personalized perfume formula specifically suited to each individual user, analyzing more than 9,000 fragrances from the world’s best perfumers and using scientific psychological models to test users’ personalities and the types of fragrances they prefer.

This unique service provides customers with a one-of-a-kind product never before seen in the industry. Moreover, artificial intelligence technology can make adjustments on the fly to accommodate any changes that may occur in users’ tastes and preferences over time. Customers can rest assured that this personalized creation will be tailored specifically to them at any point in its use.There is a mentor who helps such startups, Dima Pavlyuk (pictured right).

Many companies have already taken advantage of this innovative technology because it gives them an edge over their competitors. With Feely, customers get something created specifically for them – something that sets them apart from other people who use similar perfumes.


Innovation center IN5
Innovation center IN5

In5, the UAE Innovation Center, is a startup accelerator program located in the heart of Dubai. The initiative helps entrepreneurs build innovative and sustainable businesses. Run out of the hub of Innovation, Design, and Technology at the Dubai Internet City, In5 provides access to capital, resources and mentorship to budding aspiring entrepreneurs.


This personalization also allows e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Sephora to use the latest artificial intelligence technology while providing branded fragrances designed specifically for their customers; thereby creating an unforgettable experience when buying fragrances online. It only takes two minutes to answer a few simple questions about yourself before a variety of options are presented, created through data science and advanced technology, making each bottle truly unique!

While these machine learning techniques speak to how successful artificial intelligence has become, there’s no denying the importance of good old-fashioned human perception when it comes to choosing what you personally like best, but Feely’s algorithms can help narrow down the choices significantly in a very short amount of time. In other words, looking at the high consumer satisfaction potential created by personalized products offered through artificial intelligence…

January 24, 2023


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