In the tech-driven business world today, Dima Pavlyuk stands out as a leader of innovative solutions. As an Advisor UAE and B2B/Startups/ Fintech government relations expert, Pavlyuk is determined to push the boundaries of technology, whilst providing companies with all the resources they need to succeed. His long-time cooperation with the innovation centre IN5 has been instrumental in increasing awareness and facilitating access to new technologies.

Pavlyuk’s commitment to technology is also evident in his involvement with Dubai’s international business mission program. In this capacity, he seeks out bright minds from around the world that are developing innovative solutions for businesses in diverse markets, and provides them with necessary guidance and support so that they have access to networks and opportunities needed for success.

In addition to providing guidance on business strategy and technological innovation, Pavlyuk also advises companies who wish to expand their operations into new markets or develop strategies for digital transformation. He utilizes his extensive experience in foreign market entry strategies such as export promotion or joint ventures and strategic partnerships in order to help businesses realize their full potential.

Dima Pavlyuk’s services:

-Advisory – warm introduction of your company to the target audience, assistance in attracting investments, presentations in innovation centers and investment funds, participation in profile events.

-Investments -participation in medium- and long-term projects on the terms of 25% per annum with a contribution of $100 thousand and more Comoditas, resources, public-private partnerships with Funds.

-International financial services in any currency and any country.

-Business missions to UAE, visiting and getting acquainted with the largest funds and innovation centers.

-Business set up -opening a company for you in a suitable Freezone with English law.

-Building a reputation online, in the media, in social networks.


Through pioneering strategizing initiatives such as the UAE Business Mission Program, it is clear that Pavlyuk is dedicated not only to empowering businesses but also fostering economic growth across borders while still being mindful of consents regulations challenges often presented by this process. This type of leadership firmly establishes him at a forefront of globalization processes which can surely benefit both private and public sectors alike.

The combination of leadership skills displayed by Dima Pavlyuk skillfully incorporates innovation into profit-seeking environments such risks will reap rewards both now and into tomorrow for everyone involved in this journey towards betterment within tech driven society .

Dima Pavlyuk’s role in helping Glocal grow its startup


Dima Pavlyuk has played a huge role in helping the startup Glocal grow. He did this in conjunction with business accelerator IN5, and this help allowed them to enter the translation localization market. With his backing, Glocal was able to develop and deploy its artificial intelligence technology that translates pages of websites into over 90 languages and supports text-to-speech features in various languages.

January 25, 2023


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