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I have a strong commitment to goals and deadlines, and I have set high standards for myself,
a highly motivated individual with a passion for economics and finance. I have a strong work ethic and am committed to meeting goals and deadlines. In addition, I stay up-to-date on the stock market by regularly reading news from the stock market. I also use self-study methods such as Coursera and Netology to stay ahead of current trends in economics and finance.
-I consider the most interesting tasks, where initially there is no clear plan of “correct” actions

Undergraduate diploma theme: “Estimation of agrolandscape condition using remote sensing tools” (Winter barley yield forecasting using space images)

Scientific publications:

– Minka V.S. Babenko I.V. Kopyl Problems and prospects of asset securitization in the Krasnodar Territory // Forum of young scientists. №4 (22). 2018

– Minka V.S. Babenko I.V. The study of citizens’ awareness of the securities market // Forum of young scientists. №4 (20). 2018

– Minka V.S. Ryndina I.V. Securities as a tool of monetary regulation // Economics and socium. №26 (37). 2017

– Minka V.S. Babenko I.V. Methodology of bank investment in the securities market // Forum of young scientists. №6 (22). 2018.

Since 2015 I am engaged in online sales through the Internet site Avito, more than 150 completed transactions, at the moment I have 52 reviews (5 stars).

Numismatics and antiquities

I am involved in athletics, taking part in competitions.

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Vitalii Minka

Chief Contributing Editor

It is my honor to be the editor-in-chief of crunchdubai, the go-to source for news, insights and stories about startups and people in Dubai.

At crunchdubai, we strive to provide you with news and information about life in Dubai, as seen through the lens of technology and the IT industry. We strive to bring out the human side of the IT industry, and to share stories of people who have made an impact on the local community.


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