The Quicktoken (QTK) platform is making waves in the financial world with its innovative approach to tokenizing financial assets. QTK is a new kind of blockchain-based platform that allows banks and businesses to quickly and securely sell loan portfolios in tokens, while investors can gain passive income from their investments.

The platform offers many features that make it attractive to both buyers and sellers. Banks and businesses are able to provide minimal risk (at the Basel level) and predetermined passive income, while investors are able to generate income in fiat currencies as well as additional income from betting in QTKX dollars.

What sets QTK apart from other platforms is its use of Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO), a financial asset used since the 1980s. This allows buyers to be assured that their tokens are backed by real assets instead of speculation or fiction. With this feature, QTK has made investing in tokenized financial assets simpler than ever before, making it easier for banks and businesses to issue new loans, while giving investors a safe way to earn passive income from their investments.


Quicktoken is a blockchain-based platform for the tokenization of financial assets, allowing banks and businesses to turn their loan portfolios into tokens and issue new loans. Investors can buy these tokens with QTKX, the platform’s internal token, and earn passive fiat income upon redemption. By tapping into this technology, Quicktoken makes it easier to invest in tokenized loan portfolios while minimizing risk.

The process starts when the bank redeems its loan portfolio through the Quicktoken platform. The portfolio is then issued as a QTK NFT token, which is available for purchase on the platform or secondary market exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase Pro. Once purchased by an investor, they have access to this asset’s potential returns while being able to monitor its performance from anywhere in the world.

At maturity, the bank automatically redeems the portfolio according to previously agreed terms, burning the corresponding amount of tokens. The investor receives his/her profits in fiat currency directly deposited into their bank account without any additional fees or delays. This ease of access along with low costs makes Quicktoken one of the most attractive options for investors looking for passive income generated from tokenized investments.

The startup participated in exhibitions HUB71 and STEP CONFERENCE 2023.

February 24, 2023

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  1. Aleksei Dolgikh 8 months ago

    crunch/DUBAI – Dubai’s StartUPs and people are great to see that Quicktoken ltd is truly paving the way in revolutionizing the financial industry! It’s inspiring to see how their innovative approach is helping banks and businesses sell loan portfolios securely in tokens while investors gain passive income. Can’t wait to see what QTK achieves in the future. Thank you for sharing this insightful article!

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