Xpence is revolutionizing the world of business spending with its next-generation intelligent platform for businesses in the MENAP region.

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Xpence is the next generation smart business spending platform for MENAP enterprises. Xpence allows businesses with physical and virtual Visa payment cards to effortlessly manage their daily spending, this business spending platform for freelancers, startups, SMBs and corporations. Xpence is a financial technology company, not a bank.

Xpence is revolutionizing the world of business spending with its next-generation intelligent platform for businesses in the MENAP region.

Xpence allows businesses to take control of their spending. Employers can instantly issue physical and virtual prepaid Visa cards to their employees. They can set spending limits and rules for each card and track all company spending in real time. Every time an employee uses their card, they are immediately reminded to record a check with a push notification. This means that with Xpence, companies can finally stop wasting time reporting expenses.

  • Features:
  • Expense cards.Issue physical and virtual cards and track your team’s expenses.
  • Automated Accounting.Your transactions are classified in real time.
  • No expense reports.Add receipts and notes to each transaction
  • Rules and controls.Set custom limits and controls for each card.
  • Real-time approvals.Accept and approve expense requests in real time.
  • Globally Accepted.Use your Xpence card anywhere in the world.

Xpence has raised a total of $2.3 million in funding in 4 rounds. The most recent funding was raised on November 15, 2019 in a Pre-Seed round. Xpence is funded by Chris Archer.The founders are Saad Ansari Co-founder & CEO and Konstantin Danilkov Co-founder & CTO. The company is headquartered at DIFC.


The DIFC is an international financial free zone and operates independently of the rest of the UAE, boasting its own laws and regulations that meet global standards. It provides a level-playing field for both regional firms and international investors to access advanced capital markets products in a world-class regulatory environment. With multiple layers of investor protection within the world’s leading legal & regulatory frameworks, it has opened up opportunities for companies to expand their presence across borders without sacrificing efficiency or stability.

Companies are also offered first-class physical infrastructure in terms of office space, telecommunications systems and IT networks on par with developed countries, so customers can more quickly set up shop at this finance-friendly destination which offers many advantages like zero tax rate on all businesses based out here no matter what ownership structure they take; Shariah-compliant services such as Islamic banking & investment vehicles; special exemption from some local types taxes etc., making doing business easier than ever before!

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