Welcome to Dtec: The Top Choice for Tech Startups in the Middle East Coworking Landscape

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Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus, better known as Dtec, is a bustling ecosystem that fuels creativity, fosters collaboration, and propels startups to success. Boasting an array of services, including coworking spaces, acceleration programs, a corporate innovation center, and a venture capital unit, Dtec stands as the driving force behind cutting-edge ideas and ventures in the region. Nestled in the vibrant Dubai Silicon Oasis, a renowned technology free zone, lies Dtec—the ultimate destination for entrepreneurs and innovators in the UAE.

A Space for Innovation and Collaboration

At the heart of Dtec lies its flexible workspace, providing a range of options to suit various business needs. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur seeking a hot desk or an established startup in search of a private office, Dtec has the perfect environment for your business setup in Dubai.

More Than Just a Place to Work

Dtec is not just another coworking space; it is a creative hub where innovative ideas thrive and dreams become reality. By choosing Dtec as your business base, you gain access to a wealth of opportunities to collaborate, network, and learn from like-minded entrepreneurs. Dtec’s affordable business set-up packages ensure that you have a unique location to embark on your entrepreneurial journey in one of the world’s most innovative countries.

Amenities That Elevate Your Workday

Focus on Your Business, We Handle the Rest

Enjoy the following included amenities:

High-speed WiFi: Stay connected with reliable and fast internet service.

Easy Freezone Business Setup: Simplify the process of setting up your business within a Dubai free zone.

Visa Services: Get assistance with visa processing and applications.

24/7 Access: Work at your convenience with round-the-clock access to the workspace.

Free Tea & Coffee: Stay refreshed and energized with complimentary beverages.

Bookable Meeting Rooms: Conduct professional meetings in well-equipped meeting spaces.

Professional & Social Events: Engage in both business and social gatherings to expand your network.

Unique Common Areas: Collaborate and connect with others in creatively designed shared spaces.

Games Room: Take a break and recharge in entertainment area.

Private Phone Booths: Ensure privacy during important calls or video conferences.

Ample Parking: Hassle-free parking facilities for you and your guests.

Storage Lockers: Keep your belongings safe and organized in secure lockers.

Partner Labs: Access specialized labs and resources through strategic partnerships.

Corporate Partner Network: Connect with network of corporate partners for potential collaborations.

Mentorship: Benefit from mentorship opportunities to gain valuable guidance for your business.

Online Community Membership: Become a part of thriving online community for additional support and insights.

Acceleration Programs: Take advantage of programs designed to accelerate your business growth.

Investment Opportunities: Explore potential investment avenues to fund your venture.

Annual Pitch Competition: Showcase your business in annual Dtec’s pitch competition for exposure and recognition.

Printing & Shredding: Access printing and shredding services for your documentation needs.

Networking Opportunities: Engage in networking events to forge valuable connections within the entrepreneurial community.

With these comprehensive amenities, you can work efficiently and focus on realizing your business’s full potential in a thriving coworking environment.

The Benefits of Coworking at Dtec

Opting for a Dtec coworking space opens the door to a world of advantages. Whether you choose the flexi desk or fixed desk options, you’ll enjoy the perks of working in a prestigious coworking space. Beyond state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll find ample opportunities for networking and mentorship. Dtec houses the largest technology innovation hub in the MENA region, providing access to hundreds of startups, SMEs, and tech entrepreneurs from around the globe. With a vast network of mentors, advisers, and potential collaborators, Dtec fosters an environment where your business can flourish.

Dtec Events and Programs

At Dtec, the support doesn’t end with coworking amenities. We run a variety of formal events, such as the Dtec Forum, corporate partner events, an annual pitch competition, and several acceleration programs. These initiatives further fuel your growth and open doors to potential collaborations, investments, and partnerships.

Short-Term Leasing Options

Not ready to commit to a long-term contract? Dtec has you covered with short-term leasing options. Freelancers, travelers, students, and anyone looking for a change from working at home can now experience the benefits of working at Dtec without the need for company setup or a visa package.

An Award Winnig Ecosystem

  • Digital Excellence Awards, Digital Accelerator of the Year 2018
  • Enterprise Agility Awards, Tech Hub of the Year 2018
  • FinX’s MENA Fintech Accelerator of the Year 2018
  • Arabian Business Startup Incubator/ Accelerator of the Year 2017
  • Enterprise Agility Awards Startup Hub of the Year 2017
  • Arabian Business Startup Programme of the Year 2017
  • Islamic Economy Award SME Development 2017
  • Arabian Business Startup Special Achievement Award 2015

In conclusion, Dtec goes beyond being just a coworking space; it is a vibrant ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs, fosters innovation, and provides the support needed to turn ideas into successful businesses. So, welcome to Dtec, the epicenter of Dubai’s tech startup scene and your gateway to entrepreneurial success in the Middle East.

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