Ruslan Ganbarov is a 17-year-old Teen: The Young Visionary Revolutionizing the Venture Market and Web Industry

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From Investment Analyst to Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, His Journey Inspires Success

How often do we meet people whose life paths are full of twists and turns, surprises and amazing stories? The story I am about to tell is just such a story – fascinating and full of adventures. Imagine a boy who was born and grew up in a village in the Saratov region. It’s a place where physical labour was an integral part of life, but this kid was always looking for something more.

From the very beginning, he was eager to earn money and looked for various schemes to improve his situation. And so, one day, he found himself drawn into a financial pyramid scheme. Having invested all his savings in this scheme, he lost everything he had accumulated. But that didn’t stop him from striving for success.

Gradually, he immersed himself in the world of social networks and found for himself publishers with interesting entertainment content. Passionate about this field, he started creating his comics and improving his content, attracting more and more views and advertisers. He bought adverts, sold them and developed them in VKontakte’s SMM market.

However, once he achieved significant success and made a lot of money, his aspiration reached a new level. He decided to try his hand at investing and got a stock market account through his grandmother. Despite failures and losses, he continued to learn the field and earn.

He was young, ambitious and willing to take big risks. At the age of 15, he decided to take high leverage and use all his margin for quick and large trades. Unfortunately, this strategy led to him going completely zero. He lost everything he had earned and found himself in a state of apathy and disorientation.

But the guy didn’t give up. He tried his hand at different fields, enrolled in different courses and sent out a lot of CVs. Eventually, he was invited to take a position as an analyst in a company dealing with commercial property in Moscow. This was a new stage in his career, and he had a close encounter with the investment sector.

Parallel to this job, he was offered a job at Artwell, one of the largest corporations and IT giants in Russia. He proved himself and built an outstanding case that delivered fantastic results. However, life played tricks on him again, and a big deal resulted in the almost complete loss of his portfolio. The investment pool was dissolved and he was out of a job.

But this guy never gave up hope. His case attracted the attention of another company, TENZOR CAPITAL, which specialises in venture capital. Although he had no theoretical background in this field, his case and his ambition to move forward caught the attention of the employers. He accepted their offer and became a venture analyst&scout.

It was a turning point in his life. He moved to Moscow from his home village and became active in the investment field. His analytical skills and ability to predict the market helped him succeed. He felt on top again.

However, his thirst for consumption and fame began to get in his way. He earned huge amounts of money and spent it on luxurious living, material goods and petty pleasures. He forgot his true purpose and lost all his savings.

After realizing the true importance of self-development and education, the protagonist in the story decides to return to his village to continue his studies. He understands that his worth lies not in material possessions but in acquiring knowledge and personal growth.

In the winter, Ruslan attempts to secure a job as an analyst with the minimum wage, despite having earned 50 $ per hour in his previous work. Unfortunately, luck does not favour him this time, and he struggles to find a suitable opportunity. However, this setback becomes the catalyst for a new idea – starting his own business. Ruslan feels to take the chance, and with determination, he begins to rebuild his network and explore different cities, building connections with people.

Now, having persevered through challenges, Ruslan finds himself in Dubai, at the end of his eleventh year, working on founding and developing his company. Nevertheless, Ruslan takes pride in his unwavering perseverance and determination, having achieved what he once believed to be impossible. This story is a testament to the power of self-realization and the willingness to take risks for personal growth and success.

If you want to continue following the incredible schoolboy story, watch the video to the end. And you will highlight a lot of fabulous things in this video.

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