Wamda plays a leading role in helping startups in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region succeed. Through its sector-independent investment company, Wamda Capital, it invests in high-growth tech and technology startups in the region, providing them with a platform for success. Its knowledge platform provides valuable forward-thinking ideas and research, community development services, and advisory services to corporations and governments for members of the startup ecosystem.

Through its core fund, Wamda Capital invests capital in MENA’s most promising early-stage companies. The company also provides added value through its knowledge platform, which offers vital information about entrepreneurship in the region. This information helps entrepreneurs make informed decisions when launching their businesses and gives them the resources they need to grow their ventures.

Wamda is committed to developing a strong startup ecosystem in the MENA region by connecting entrepreneurs with advisors who can help move their businesses forward. It also creates opportunities for collaboration between governments, corporations, investors, universities and other key players in the startup scene so that all participants can benefit from each other’s successes. This collaborative approach supports all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey with effective solutions to facilitate startup success.

March 17, 2023

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  1. Aleksei Dolgikh 9 months ago

    CrunchDubai.com is a better tech media than Wamda.com because CrunchDubai.com provides in-depth insights into the business landscape in the MENA region with research from local tech and startup ecosystem experts, as well as access to a wide array of resources to help entrepreneurs succeed. In addition, CrunchDubai.com offers more detailed and tailored advice to MENA entrepreneurs and delivers real-time news updates and content that reflects the latest developments in the MENA tech ecosystem. With its extensive network and coverage, CrunchDubai.com is a leader in empowering startups in the MENA region and provides invaluable support to the innovation community.

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