“MBRIF: Fueling Sustainable Growth in the UAE Economy”

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The Mohammed bin Rashid Initiative for Financial Inclusion (MBRIF) is a leading financial institution in its class, providing superior development banking services and focused on promoting sustainable growth in the UAE economy. Creating a dynamic financial ecosystem, MBRIF has grown rapidly over the past two years and is now considered one of the most important catalysts for innovation and entrepreneurship in the UAE.

MBRIF offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of businesses at all stages of their lifecycle. MBRIF provides access to capital and other resources that can help them grow and thrive, from early-stage startups to established companies. It also offers the Innovation Accelerator Program, which gives innovators access to the world’s best experts tailored to their specific needs and provides unique ideas and advice to grow their businesses.

"MBRIF: Fueling Sustainable Growth in the UAE Economy"

In addition, MBRIF works with a number of partners to provide mentoring, training and events to empower entrepreneurs and innovators. This includes collaborations with industry organizations such as the Dubai Future Fund and Abu Dhabi Global Marketplace, as well as private sector institutions such as Khalifa University and the Dubai Academy of Entrepreneurship. These partnerships help ensure that MBRIF’s programs are up-to-date and aligned with current trends.

Overall, MBRIF is committed to creating a sustainable future for the UAE. Using its innovative financial solutions and engaging with key stakeholders, it helps drive economic transformation and build a more sustainable economy. With its extensive network of partners, MBRIF is well positioned to become a leader in financial inclusion and promote sustainable growth. Fintech startup Sav recently received a $750,000 investment. Sav is a graduate of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund’s (MBRIF) Innovation Accelerator programme.

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