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Impatience Management: A Step-by-Step Guide

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3 mn read Impatience is one of the most difficult feelings that we hate with all our passion. Understanding impatience is very important for both marketing strategies, personal decision making, and effective team motivation. Impatience can lead to rushed decisions, desperation and self-sabotage, which negatively impacts relationships and deal outcomes. It is critical for entrepreneurs to recognize the […]

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How to Manage Remote Workers and Overcome the Fear of Losing Control

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3 mn read The modern culture that exalts control and achievement sometimes creates pressure for people to expect perfection and complete control over situations.  Complete control is an illusion, recognizing that not everything can be controlled defines the limits of our capabilities, enables us to come to terms with uncertainty and find effective solutions to current challenges. All […]

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Implementing Ethical Guidelines for AI & Robotics

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4 mn read The development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics poses a number of ethical challenges, which need to be addressed to ensure responsible and beneficial use of these technologies. Ethical Standard  Ethical Standard = Fairness + Safety + Accountability  The ethical frameworks for AI and robotics emphasize the need to prioritize human values, rights, and wellbeing […]

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