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A Practical Approach: Applying “Dune” to Leadership Development

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4 mn read Paul Atreides’ leadership style undergoes significant changes throughout the Dune saga and is shaped by his experiences on Arrakis and his transformation into Muad’Dib. Initially, he is portrayed as a young nobleman trained in the ways of leadership by his father, Duke Leto Atreides. He is shown to be determined, principled, and humble, reflecting the […]

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Meet our Expert: Olga Odemchouk Medvedeva Building Mental Wealth, Strategies for Business Leaders

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3 mn read About Expert: Communications Expert in: IT Startup | Luxury for 1% | Oil-Gas | Food production | Training Weapons | ESGCoaching Support for IT | HR | Sales | Creative Experts | Startups /*! elementor – v3.21.0 – 08-05-2024 */ .elementor-testimonial-wrapper{overflow:hidden;text-align:center}.elementor-testimonial-wrapper .elementor-testimonial-content{font-size:1.3em;margin-bottom:20px}.elementor-testimonial-wrapper .elementor-testimonial-name{line-height:1.5;display:block}.elementor-testimonial-wrapper .elementor-testimonial-job{font-size:.85em;display:block}.elementor-testimonial-wrapper .elementor-testimonial-meta{width:100%;line-height:1}.elementor-testimonial-wrapper .elementor-testimonial-meta-inner{display:inline-block}.elementor-testimonial-wrapper .elementor-testimonial-meta .elementor-testimonial-details,.elementor-testimonial-wrapper .elementor-testimonial-meta .elementor-testimonial-image{display:table-cell;vertical-align:middle}.elementor-testimonial-wrapper .elementor-testimonial-meta .elementor-testimonial-image img{width:60px;height:60px;border-radius:50%;-o-object-fit:cover;object-fit:cover;max-width:none}.elementor-testimonial-wrapper .elementor-testimonial-meta.elementor-testimonial-image-position-aside .elementor-testimonial-image{padding-inline-end:15px}.elementor-testimonial-wrapper […]

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The Future of Leadership: Ecological Practices

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4 mn read Change in organizations requires a new human-centered approach, while people are only talking about, I’m doing it. Empathic and sustainable leadership is not a theory, but a standard of excellence. The Ecological Leadership Method is not a panacea and is not suitable for all organizations. Sustainable management is a request for evolutionary development of a […]

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