SoftSmile was founded by a group of technologists striving to make perfect smiles available to everyone.

SoftSmile believes that doctors should be independent and manage all phases of the treatment process. VISION, our patented treatment planning software, is inspired by doctors and draws on the expertise of mathematicians, physicists and programmers.

VISION is a comprehensive treatment plan created by physicians for physicians. We have combined art, technology, care and science to create the best digital treatment planning assistant for physicians and their patients. Vision is designed to make the treatment planning process convenient, intuitive and fast. Through our innovation, we are changing the way the world smiles.”

Khamzat Asabaev is the CEO of Softsmile. The company is ranked 223,024 on crunchbase. The startup was also presented at HUB71 in the UAE.


innovation center hub71

HUB71 is a global technology ecosystem designed to help startups in the UAE succeed. Based in Abu Dhabi, the initiative provides a range of services to help entrepreneurs launch and expand their businesses, including access to global markets, capital ecosystems, a global network of partners, and an active community of highly skilled professionals.

An innovation center is a physical space, typically located within a business or organization, that is dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation. It is designed to provide an environment that encourages collaboration, experimentation, and the development of new ideas. Innovation centers often feature open workspaces, meeting rooms, and other amenities that are conducive to creative thinking. They may also host events such as hackathons and workshops to further promote innovations.

April 18, 2023


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