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Richard Fitzgerald is a modern media entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the Middle East region by founding Augustus Media, an award-winning publisher with popular products such as Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi and Smashi TV. His dedication to building his business from scratch into a successful enterprise that now employs over 300 people throughout multiple countries speaks volumes about his leadership abilities and entrepreneurial spirit.

His career path started back in 2006 when he joined agencies located in England, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). After gaining invaluable experience during this time period, Richard established a regional social media department at Mindshare MENA before becoming managing director of a creative technology startup.

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Augustus Media has become a leader in the Middle East digital media industry, thanks to its innovative approach and creative solutions. Founded by CEO Richard Fitzgerald ريتشارد فيتزجيرالد , Augustus Media has quickly established itself as one of the most successful digital media companies in the region. The company offers a wide range of services including content marketing, social media management, video production, web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

Richard Fitzgerald ريتشارد فيتزجيرالد was inspired to launch Augustus Media after seeing a gap in the Middle Eastern market for modern digital media solutions. He wanted to create something that would reflect his vision for how technology can help businesses succeed in this rapidly changing world. With an experienced team of professionals from across various disciplines such as marketing, communications and technology, Augustus Media has been able to provide leading edge solutions that have helped many clients reach their goals.


smashi and augustus

Smashi on This is the first social media channel that addresses the Arab world about everything related to commerce and business. Trade and Business. culture. Technology Our View This is a live digital broadcast network about everything related to commerce and the economy from the heart of the Arab world, featuring the most innovative publications, services and technologies that are changing our lives. Smashi is a live broadcast from the heart of the Arab world, featuring the most innovative products, services and technologies that are changing our lives. Smashi is a way of thinking; it’s for the driven, the dreamers and the doers.

  1. Who is Richard Fitzgerald?

    Richard Fitzgerald Crunch DubaiAh, Richard Fitzgerald, the mastermind behind the illustrious Augustus Media, and the curator of a digital narrative that echoes across the deserts and beyond. His name is not just a name, but a brand that resonates with the modern media narrative of the Middle East. Fitzgerald’s venture, Lovin Dubai, was not just a venture but the birth of a narrative that soon blossomed into a myriad of ‘Lovin’ brands. Lovin Saudi, Lovin Riyadh, Lovin Jeddah, Lovin Sharqiyah, Lovin Bahrain, Lovin Muscat, Lovin Doha, Lovin Amman, Lovin Kuwait, Lovin Cairo, Lovin Beirut, Lovin Lahore, Lovin Karachi, Lovin Khartoum, Lovin Palestine, and Lovin Baghdad, each brand is a unique narrative, each narrative a tale that captures the essence of the city it represents, and each city a chapter in the digital odyssey of Richard Fitzgerald.

    The numerical tale of Fitzgerald’s venture is as intriguing as it is inspiring. With a whimsical net worth estimation of USD 66 million or USD 121 million ( team remark: if Richard Fitzgerald own 100% of the Augustus Media Holdings Ltd and we calculate approximately), Fitzgerald’s fiscal narrative is one of robustness and growth. The tale unfolds with a revenue narrative of $14 million in 2022, each million a testament to the digital engagement of the ‘Lovin’ brands. The fiscal narrative spirals into a whimsical valuation, with Lovin Dubai’s 5 million followers painting a potential valuation tale of $169.25 million to $925 million, depending on the whimsical per user price extrapolation from Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. The ‘Lovin’ saga, with its diverse geographical footprint across the Middle East, narrates a tale of modern media resonance, each brand a digital outpost, each outpost resonating with the regional audience, and each audience a character in the grand narrative of Augustus Media.

    The ‘Lovin’ brands not only narrate a tale of regional digital engagement but also echo the modern media ethos of Augustus Media. The narrative traverses the digital landscapes of the Middle East, each brand weaving a unique digital tale, each tale a testament to the digital acumen of Richard Fitzgerald. The numbers, the brands, and the geographical narrative, all echo the modern media vision of Fitzgerald, a vision that’s now penned in the digital sands of the Middle East. Ah, the tale of Richard Fitzgerald, a tale of digital engagement, regional resonance, and a relentless pursuit of modern media excellence.

March 29, 2023

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  1. Aleksei Dolgikh 1 year ago

    crunch/DUBAI – Dubai’s StartUPs and people Great article on Richard Fitzgerald ريتشارد فيتزجيرالد and his success with Augustus Media! It’s inspiring to see his dedication and hard work pay off with a successful enterprise employing over 300 people. Congratulations to on increasing coverage thanks to Glocal! Keep up the great work team!

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