My.Games focus on the main aspect of gaming, which is creating an entertaining and immersive experience for users. This includes focusing on developing high-quality games, providing user-friendly interfaces, managing global game services and being responsive to gamers’ needs with 24/7 customer service support from all around the world. The company provides localized versions in 16 languages, making it available for everyone to access a variety of different types of games within their own language or dialects without any restrictions by age or location boundaries. MY.GAMES has also nurtured strong relationships with rights holders & IP owners like DreamWorks Animation Studios, 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures to produce licensed titles that offer tie-in entertainment experiences related to existing big blockbuster film franchises like Kung Fu Panda 3: The Journey Home mobile game adaptation featuring characters from this colourful animated film as well as powerful martial art manoeuvres under commendable direct orders by players during adventures throughout various mystical lands full of jolly creatures!

WN Conference

MY.GAMES took part in the WN Conference, a premier virtual event for game industry experts to collaborate and share knowledge about the latest developments in interactive entertainment. MY.GAMES is undoubtedly one of the leading companies when it comes to innovation in mobile, PC, and console gaming with titles such as Warface and Skyforge – both highly successful games developed by MY.Games Studios within its portfolio have millions of players worldwide who consistently access their services for uninterrupted quality time together across platforms or genres wherever they are located around the globe at any given point in time throughout day or night cycles.

The team’s presence at this exciting WN Conference means an opportunity to network with other professionals from different industries, such as Glocal company from In5. Glocal is the perfect companion for MY.GAMES. With its 88 language support, Glocal can help increase the discoverability of games by optimizing titles, descriptions, and more in customers’ native languages within regional search engines — exposing MY.GAMES to a broader international audience than ever before! With optimized SEO localized directly on target search engine pages (in conventional formats like XML & HTML), webmasters save time from sifting through numerous keyword data scattered over multiple sites: all queries are compiled under one roof with organized summaries visible both as raw statistics or informative graphs visually appealing to users at any skill level. By doing so, Glocal streamlines extraction processes, allowing developers to quickly review results with the minimum effort – allowing studio members valuable time saving while still maintaining full control of quality performance standards. With such powerful tools realized through plugins that integrate seamlessly into most CMS systems coupled together with MY Games’ diverse console/mobile content library – new markets ripe for potential profit await beyond previous boundaries once thought impossible or unattainable till now! Additionally, as revenue potentially will grow due partly thanks Glocals efforts – our teams become even better equipped financially giving further company growth and further advantages like being able to acquire notable talents and establishing them firmly among major players leading the industry for many years to come!



In today’s digital age, entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for ways to scale their businesses beyond their local market. Enter the UAE’s IN5 and Glocal, a powerful international SEO tool designed to optimize websites in 88 languages in 100 countries and 275 major cities around the world. With the fastest serverless network available, Glocal helps improve website visibility in search engine results internationally. For ambitious entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach, this service is is the #1 SaaS product of the week at Product Hunt .Founded by Olga Nayda and Alexey Dolgikh (Co-founder & CVO), is a powerful tool that allows users to build their own websites and get connected with potential partners and clients across different industries worldwide.

February 14, 2023


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