Valery Zolotukhin and Global Investment Bank Impact

Impact is an investment firm that streamlines the capital raising process, leveraging advanced stock market analytics to give investors access to exclusive deals around the world. With an innovative approach and expertise-driven team of professionals, Impact has become one of the premier firms in its space – helping both local businesses seeking new sources of funding and global institutions gain greater portfolio diversification opportunities.

Valery Zolotukhin is the founder of Impact company. He has built an impressive career launching and spearheading financial technology start-ups, as well as serving on important Financial Services committees around the world. His latest venture, Pik Capital Group LLC, aims to “democratize access” with its comprehensive online platform that features real-time analytics allowing investors of all sizes access to market opportunities globally through low-cost investment options and detailed data reports unveiled exclusively by Valery’s company – thus enabling both high net worth individuals and smaller business owners alike earn bigger returns than traditional public markets could offer previously only accessible via private investments or expensive broker fees. They also backstop their own portfolio – mitigating risk further by utilizing various country regulations, waivers & agreements which makes their firm even more attractive compared with other large underwriters who are unable to offer this type of service.

In addition to advising financial firms on best practice solutions when it comes to rolling out new digital technologies or modernized management models; regular involvement in several regional boards& associations such American Banking Association (ABA), Investment Bankers Commission of Europe(IBCE); Newyork Funds Portfolio Managers Club etc., solidify international networking skills setting aside ambitions fulfilment legal finance requirements he backed so far have already started paying off residents few countries already witnessing benefits arising out increased capitalization initiatives implemented upon issue holidays support granting young entrepreneurs power reach higher milestones beyond expectations possible years ago (due short term liquidity concerns). All combined accomplishments give a very precise overview of quality experience abilities possessed create actively participating industries entire organization starts to shape into beneficial form future generations get used to reap fruits experienced along the way path gaining importance everywhere these days recognition value can provide who ready harness capabilities to rise above adversities develop lasting success system architecture pertinent times.

An international investment bank in Dubai

Impact Middle East

Impact is revolutionizing the investment industry in the Middle East. The city’s position as a hub for cutting-edge technology, finance, and business makes it an ideal location for this innovative venture capital fund. With its integrated approach to global investing and world-leading analytics tools, Impact provides investors with unprecedented access to exclusive deals worldwide. In addition to giving clients exposure to attractive investments abroad that would otherwise be beyond reach on their own, they assist with all areas of due diligence from legal documentation through marketing material creation prior to fundraising events or series closing processes

Impact’s commitment to helping strengthen tech sectors in emerging markets such as UAE has been making considerable strides; many more countries can take advantage of their unique offering as well as benefit economically by having direct access when seeking capital raising services at competitive rates compared with other established VC funds globally. A key component that sets them apart is allowing angel investors a platform where returns are secured across both public equity offerings outside traditional exchanges yet remain within approved regulatory frameworks throughout MENA region.

Impact Middle East Scout Ruslan Gulidov at the biggest Dubai and GCC entrepreneur community 24SIX9 intro session! Jul 2023 Update 🙂

This actively boosts startup businesses’ growth alongside investor trust-building practices through superior communication methods whilst carefully managing risk ratio parameters acceptable amongst involved stakeholders alike.

February 16, 2023


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