ISSF investing in uae

ISSF’s investment in MEVF IV follows its $1.5 million commitment to Global Ventures in the UAE last year, which saw ISSF become the first Jordanian entity to invest in a venture capital fund outside of Jordan. The investment also highlights ISSF’s mission to support innovative startups and SMEs across the MENAP region.

The MEVF IV fund, which was launched in February with a $27 million commitment from the European Investment Bank, will focus on investing in fast-growing e-commerce, medical and educational technology companies in the Middle East and Pakistan (MENAP) region. MEVP has a strong track record of successful investments in MENAP startups and is confident that the new fund will further drive regional innovation and economic development.

This investment is an important step forward for ISSF as it continues its mission to empower promising Jordanian startups, enabling them to grow on the local entrepreneurial landscape while contributing positively to national economic growth.

March 11, 2023


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