InLead is not only a provider of lead generation services, but also a consulting service that helps companies develop their businesses. Valeria Sofiychuk is the InLead project funder. has extensive experience working with banks, opening corporate accounts, and other banking services, which will help her in this area.

The startup also provides its clients with services such as marketing, PR and sales. In addition to its main function of generating leads, it offers a full range of business development services. This includes finding new partners and investors, working on branding and PR promotion, negotiating with suppliers and clients, creating an effective sales system, finding new funding sources, etc.

The startup has already attracted several high-profile international clients, for projects from the DeFI industry in the US and Europe, payment service providers from India, e-commerce platforms from Russia and many others. InLead is expected to be able to further expand its client base and become one of the leading lead generation companies in the world in the near future.

In conclusion, InLead appears to be a great solution for those who need reliable lead generation services. The company already boasts impressive results and is trusted by many clients from around the world. With Valeria Sofiychuk at the helm, the startup seems set for further growth and success in this competitive field.

March 2, 2023


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