Using the zwag app, entrepreneurs can make better decisions and look for better deals in the market of Dubai

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Zwag App

Zwag is an innovative social app that gives users access to conversational Artificial Intelligence bots called zenies. The zenies are designed to help people make decisions on what their next purchase or course should be, as well as help them plan out weekend activities and vacation spots. It also serves as a search engine for products and services, allowing users to find exactly what they’re looking for in one convenient place.

Finding the perfect product can be complicated but with Zwag’s helpful AI bot Zenie it only takes seconds. Users will get real-time personalized recommendations based on their interests while they look through offers from popular stores like Amazon or Walmart along with many others… By using powerful search algorithms combined with open market integration, it becomes easier than ever to find something you want without any hassle of traditional browsing methods!

Using the zwag app, entrepreneurs can make better decisions and look for better deals in the market of Dubai

Not sure where your next trip should take you? Let Zenie suggest ideas based on information provided by the user such – as budget, hobbies/preferences etc… which allows its machine learning capabilities to sort through various options arrayed before it. This way not only do short trips become more affordable but entertainment comes closer within reach providing thrifty yet fun globetrotting options tailored just for its uses! It’s a great resource when planning vacations because the experience level grows each time new vacation spots arise giving customers better deals than before!

Connecting with friends has never been easier either thanks due Zwag’s peer-to-peer conversation platform features integrated into this amazing tool! With private Messaging(texting) capability built-in, none shall have to feel alone again. For language speaking group chats dedicated specifically towards topics make creating bonds between individuals who share similar interests much simpler so cross-culture communication no longer poses Boundaries

Investing in yourself becomes even simpler. Enhancing career and opportunity growth has never felt more achievable when paired up with all these incredible tools compiled together onto this unique platform zwag… Open Market Integration helps connect employers directly who seek proven applicants behind burgeoning career paths coupled wit Zenie boosting creative think tanks through idea curation creativity increases elevating optimum development potential since perfectly found matches occur during every hire request!

Using the zwag app, entrepreneurs can make better decisions and look for better deals in the market of Dubai

Zwag in hub IN5

Launched in 2020 by a passionate team of Millennials and Gen-Zers with experience in software development, product design and engineering, Zwag is an early-stage startup from the UAE. The venture is incubated at Dubai Internet City’s DMCC affiliate innovation hub IN5. Headed up by Priya M. Nair, CEO Ahmed Noorani Khan, Chief Product Officer Naveen Chavda and CTO Yoganand Panda – who each has over 10 years of technology-based expertise

Zwag is built on the concept to utilize cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) together with human-based decision-makers to induce a personal connection between customer outcomes rather than focusing solely on automating structured data processes.

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