How to Easily Check Your NBAD Salary Card Balance in 2024

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In 2024, checking your National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) salary card balance is quick and convenient. The NBAD Ratibi prepaid salary card, launched in 2008, enables companies to streamline employee payments and gives workers access to their wages via ATMs and cash registers worldwide. Here’s what you need to know about NBAD Ratibi prepaid cards and how to check your balance online.

What is the NBAD Ratibi Prepaid Salary Card?

The NBAD Ratibi Prepaid Salary Card is a innovative solution designed to simplify the process of paying employee wages. Instead of dealing with the hassle and costs associated with distributing physical cash or checks, companies can now deposit salaries directly onto employees’ Ratibi cards. This prepaid card allows workers to access their funds through ATMs and cash registers anywhere in the world, providing a convenient and secure way to manage their finances.

Key Features of NBAD Ratibi Prepaid Salary Cards

• No minimum balance required for employees • Includes free accident insurance • Provides unlimited access to ATM and CDM networks • Available to UAE residents employed by companies with an NBAD account • Requires employees to submit KYC documents to qualify

Checking Your NBAD Salary Card Balance Online

Keeping track of your Ratibi card balance is a breeze thanks to NBAD’s online portal. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the official NBAD salary card website
  2. Enter the last two digits of your card number
  3. Input your card identification number and click “Go”
  4. View your transaction history and current balance
  5. Search transactions by date to see debit, credit, and total balance amounts
How to Easily Check Your NBAD Salary Card Balance in 2024

Benefits for Employers

NBAD Ratibi prepaid salary cards offer numerous advantages for companies looking to streamline their payroll process: • Reduces costs and time spent distributing physical cash or checks • Complies with UAE Wage Protection System (WPS) guidelines • Eliminates risks associated with cash payments for employers • Enables easy tracking and management of employee salary payments • Improves overall efficiency and productivity in the workplace

How to Easily Check Your NBAD Salary Card Balance in 2024

Benefits for Employees

For workers in the UAE, especially those in the low-income bracket earning under 5000 dirhams per month, the NBAD Ratibi card provides: • Easy access to wages without needing a traditional bank account • Ability to check card balance and transaction history online 24/7 • Free accident insurance coverage for added financial protection • Unlimited access to ATM and CDM networks for convenient cash withdrawals • Secure and reliable way to receive and manage salary payments

Eligibility and Requirements

To qualify for an NBAD Ratibi prepaid salary card: • Employees must be UAE residents • Employers must have a company account with NBAD • Employees must submit all required KYC document

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FAQs: NBAD Ratibi Card Balance Check

How do I check my NBAD Ratibi card balance online?

To check your balance, visit the NBAD salary card website, enter your card details, and click “Go” to view your transactions and current balance.

Who is eligible for an NBAD Ratibi card?

UAE residents employed by companies with an NBAD account can get a Ratibi card, subject to submitting required KYC documents.

Is there a minimum balance for NBAD Ratibi cards?

No, there is no minimum balance requirement for employees with an NBAD Ratibi card.

Can I withdraw cash with my NBAD Ratibi card?

Yes, you can withdraw cash from ATMs using your Ratibi card, which offers unlimited ATM and CDM access.

What if my NBAD Ratibi card is lost or stolen?

Contact NBAD customer support immediately to report a lost or stolen card and request a replacement.

Does the NBAD Ratibi card have insurance benefits?

Yes, the Ratibi card includes free accident insurance for added financial protection.

How do NBAD Ratibi cards benefit employers?

Employers can save time and money, comply with WPS guidelines, and reduce cash payment risks by using Ratibi cards for salary payments.


In today’s digital age, NBAD Ratibi prepaid salary cards offer a secure, efficient solution for both employers and employees in the UAE. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can quickly check your card balance online anytime, anywhere. To learn more about NBAD salary cards or get assistance, visit your nearest NBAD branch.

Take control of your finances and experience the convenience of NBAD Ratibi prepaid salary cards in 2024!

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How to Easily Check Your NBAD Salary Card Balance in 2024

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