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Have been working in IT for more than 13 years. Over this time I gained extensive experience in management of software and hardware development, international project development and startups launching.

I shall be pleased to make new business connections and involve our team into promising projects

Many years of experience in providing hosting services, dedicated servers and virtual machines, building fault-tolerant high-load hardware clusters, experience in building complex production automation systems and personal experience in developing professional software for automating services of various industrial IT platforms with a wide range of functionality, implemented a wide range of tasks that clients.

Design, build, and support enterprise platforms vested heavily in Cloud and Kubernetes and the methods to deploy to them. I take great passion in making a Developer’s job easier by having all the moving parts automated, resilient, and easy to use, even at exceptionally large scale.

With my team, I provide turnkey infrastructure management of IT projects
Server administration for projects of any complexity: from ordinary websites and online stores, to highly loaded projects with developed infrastructure, CI/CD processes and DevOps practices.


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