Flat6Labs Riyadh Seed Program Unveils Innovative Tech Ventures for MENA’s Digital Economy Transformation

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Saudi Startups Shine at Flat6Labs’ Riyadh Seed Program

Flat6Labs Unleashes Tech Innovation Powerhouse: Riyadh Seed Program Demo Day Showcases Saudi Startups Ready to Disrupt and Transform the Region’s Digital Economy!

In a thrilling display of cutting-edge technology, Flat6Labs, the dominant seed and early-stage venture capital firm in the MENA region, took centre stage at the first-ever Demo Day for its groundbreaking Riyadh Seed Program. The event featured an impressive lineup of 10 Saudi startups, revolutionizing sectors such as e-Commerce, PropTech, FinTech, EdTech, Media, Entertainment, and Enterprise SaaS.

With a captive audience of over 250 attendees, including influential investors, government officials, esteemed mentors, and key players in the ecosystem, the portfolio companies unleashed their innovative products, solutions, and exponential growth potential.

Fueling this entrepreneurial revolution is the Startup Seed Fund, an awe-inspiring SAR 75 million initiative that empowers startups with a four-month entrepreneurship-focused business training. This transformative program combines strategic mentorship, one-on-one subject matter sessions, and laser-focused guidance on commercial, administrative, financial, and legal aspects. It equips these startups with the skills and capacities needed to thrive, scale their businesses, and conquer new horizons with the support of Flat6Labs’ regional offices.

Eyad Albayouk, the visionary General Manager of Flat6Labs KSA, expressed immense pride in the inaugural cohort of startups, predicting their imminent market disruption, job creation, and pivotal role in Saudi Arabia’s transformation into a sustainable digital economy. He also hailed the Startup Seed Fund as an opportunity for pioneering Saudi youth to launch innovative businesses, bolster the economy, and expand throughout the region.


This groundbreaking initiative receives crucial support from SVC, Jada Funds of Funds, and the National Technology Development Program. Dr. Nabeel Koshak, CEO and Board Member at SVC, highlighted the strategic partnership with Flat6Labs Startup Seed Fund, envisioning an influx of high-growth startups and a balance between venture capital supply and demand for quality deals. Meanwhile, Bandr Alhomaly, CEO of Jada Fund of Funds, underscored the kingdom’s burgeoning VC space and unveiled Jada’s bold strategy to introduce revolutionary funding solutions, including venture debt and acquisition funding.

Ibrahim Neyaz, CEO of the National Technology Development Program, expressed excitement over supporting Flat6Labs’ Riyadh Seed Program, emphasizing the program’s crucial role in fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and drives the advancement of Saudi Arabia’s technology ecosystem—a pivotal step aligned with the visionary Saudi’s Vision 2030.

To apply for the program, click here

Meet the 10 Groundbreaking Startups from Flat6Labs Riyadh Seed Program

🚀 Kharja: Revolutionizing Hangouts with an App that Makes Planning a Breeze! Get ready for a simplified gathering of dates, times, locations, and attendees in one sleek interface.

🌟 Unipal: Unlock the Power of Youth with a Student-Centric Platform. Witness brands connect with the most important customer segment and create a lasting impact.

🏢 The Architect: Redefining Interior Design with a Budget-Friendly, Hassle-Free Web Platform. Watch homeowners seamlessly design and execute their dream spaces, stress-free!

💫 Ygii: Unleash Your Social Commerce Potential with the Ultimate Wishlist Creator. Share your wishes with loved ones and make shopping a joyful experience.

🍽️ HorizoonX: Unveiling the All-in-One Solution for F&B Entrepreneurs. Discover a B2B marketplace that covers products, services, and a step-by-step guide to build your own food business from scratch.

🌐 زامن | Zamn: Transforming Education with Cutting-Edge eLearning Management Systems. Embrace digital transformation and launch your educational platform effortlessly.

⚖️ Baeynh: Your Gateway to Legal Services, Simplified. Unlock access to licensed lawyers for individuals and SMEs through an intuitive virtual platform.

💳 Bynow: Empowering Businesses with B2B Finance and Financial OS. Say goodbye to traditional payment methods and embrace a new era of buying power.

📊 Ballurh: Unleash the Power of Data with Cloud-Based Business Intelligence. Gain comprehensive insights to elevate your F&B retail business and wow your customers.

🎓 Minnha: Empowering Students with an All-in-One Education Solution. Apply to institutions and crowdfund tuition fees seamlessly through a cutting-edge web platform.

Prepare to be amazed as these startups reshape industries, disrupt norms, and ignite innovation like never before! The future is here, and it’s in the hands of these visionary entrepreneurs.

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Flat6Labs Riyadh Seed Program Unveils Innovative Tech Ventures for MENA’s Digital Economy Transformation

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