IBM Watson is the company’s latest effort in its ongoing mission to make artificial intelligence and machine learning easier, faster and more useful for businesses and developers. The platform allows users to quickly create AI models using existing technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), deep neural network (DNN) models or hybrid algorithms.

The platform also provides access to pre-trained IBM Watson services like Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Speech To Text (STT), Conversation Modeling and Visual Recognition, so users can easily start with some simple applications right out of the box without having to write code from scratch. Furthermore, it includes a library of codeless templates which helps you get started on various software development tasks including building web apps in minutes rather than hours of coding time by leveraging APIs from third parties such as Amazon Web Services or Salesforce. Finally, it has an open-source project called Dashboards that gives you statistical insights into your model performance so that data scientists can accurately measure changes over time across various predictive use cases within organisations

In short, IBM WatsonX is an all-inclusive package designed specifically for creating complex Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning projects into user-friendly platforms at a fractional cost which allows a wider range of stakeholders ranging from data scientist professionals working on previously unheard sophisticated applications powered by AI & ML frameworks while allowing non-technical personnel explore their own predefined options backed up instant previews generated during simulation process enabling them to deploy appropriate solutions rapidly.

May 9, 2023


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