The Campden Global Owners and Family Office Congress: What is a family office?

Dubai Chambers photo at Crunch Dubai: Family office Committee Managers of Dubai
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Yahya Saeed Lootah, Chairman of the Campden Global Owners and Family Office Congress and a Member of the Advisory Committee of the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses, commented:

Family businesses form the backbone of economies worldwide today, including the UAE. With the global economy being influenced by shifts in monetary policies, inflation, and other market factors, many family offices are considering their biggest modifications in strategic asset allocation for several years.
Dubai Chambers photo at Crunch Dubai: Family office Committee Managers of Dubai
Dubai Chambers photo at Crunch Dubai. Family Office Committee Managers of Dubai: The members list includes Dr. Raja Al Gurg, Saeed Saif Al Ghurair, Mohammed Abdulghaffar Hussain, Yahya Saeed Lootah, and Osama Seddiqi, while Osama Seddiqi has been named Chairman of the Family Business Advisory Committee.

Campden Wealth will deliver an exciting new week-long experiential platform in response to demand from our regional and global client communities. The Campden Global Owners and Family Office Congress will be the largest gathering of its kind providing multigenerational wealth-owning families with a safe haven environment in which to learn, share and inspire each other.

The five day meeting will infuse knowledge sharing, best practices, family showcases, future thinking and immersive networking solutions that empower the families and our partners to create deep connections. This will have been preceded by 100 days of virtual connectivity established via a dedicated pre event ‘Congress Connect’ platform that will empower all participants to maximize their experience and connections in the lead up to and onsite. The Congress will introduce private capital to new opportunities and support families in building lasting friendships.

Campden Wealth has selected Dubai as the ideal location for the inaugural Campden Global Owners & Family Office Congress by virtue of its ability to attract UHNW family wealth due to its prime position as a hub for the region, a center for the new green and digital economies and its role as a gateway to the emerging African economies.

The Campden Global Owners & Family Office Congress

The Campden Global Owners and Family Office Congress is a significant event in the world of wealth management and family businesses. Here are some key details about the congress:

  1. Event Schedule: The congress was held from October 9-13, 2023, in Dubai, UAE. It was organized as a week-long experiential platform in response to the demand from regional and global client communities​​.
  2. Participant Profile: The event saw the convergence of over 235 member families, boasting a combined net worth of over half a trillion US dollars. These families gathered in Dubai for a week of thought leadership, investment idea sharing, and community building​​.
  3. Event Focus: The congress provided a platform for multi-generational families of wealth from around the world to come together. The focus was on discussing lessons from the past and planning for the future, particularly in the context of family business and wealth management​​.
  4. Activities and Purpose: The congress featured a variety of discussions, workshops, and family showcases. It aimed to bring together over 300 families and their private offices, providing opportunities for family business owners to discover new opportunities, share knowledge, and learn from each other​​.
  5. Significant Gathering: The inaugural edition of the congress was noteworthy for bringing together more than 300 representatives from multi-generational wealth-owning families. This gathering was considered one of the world’s largest for family businesses​​.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce
Dubai Chamber of Commerce

The Campden Global Owners and Family Office Congress is co-hosted by Dubai Chambers, a non-profit public entity that supports Dubai’s vision as a global player by empowering businesses and providing innovative value-added services and access to influential networks. 

In March 2021, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced the restructuring of the Dubai Chamber and the formation of three chambers for the emirate, namely, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai International Chamber, and Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, which now operate under Dubai Chambers.

Social Discovery Group co-founder Dmitry Volkov at Campden Global Owners and Family Office Congress 2023

The Campden Global Owners and Family Office Congress is co-hosted by Dubai Chambers Dmitry Volkov
The Campden Global Owners and Family Office Congress is co-hosted by Dubai Chambers. Speaker Dmitry Volkov.

Dmitry Volkov is the founder of 3rd largest social discovery company in the world with over 180 million users, and a Founding Partner of SDVentures with over 500M+ invested. Invested in 20 VCs, including Khosla Ventures (15 billion USD plus valuation) and New Enterprise Associates (Over $20 billion Assets Under Management). Proud of building a unicorn company without external money or help.

Dmitry Volkov passionate about the philosophy of technology, helicopters and jazz. Dmitry Volkov has a double Ph.D. in philosophy and author of two books. Dmitry Volkov flies Robinsons and Eurocopters, arranges tunes and plays the piano.

Dmitry Volkov looking for business leaders with disruptive ideas in the social discovery industry. Always seeking talent to join my global team.


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