Sail, Strategize, Succeed: THE YACHT & TECH SCENE

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Greetings, THE YACHT & TECH SCENE – a closed business program offering a combination of incredible sailing races, strategic networking and immersion in innovative technologies. The event attracted over 100 global tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, representatives of local development institutions and members of international business clubs. The main highlight was an epic race on the new FAREAST 28 sports yachts. 

Business Program: Expansion Trajectories in the MENA Region

The main topic was regional expansion in MENA. Experienced speakers and entrepreneurs shared their success stories, challenges and prospects in growing technology businesses in this key region.

The session started with the study of regional advantages, moved on to typical entrepreneurial difficulties and dealt with legal, tax aspects. Speakers revealed the specifics of interaction with consumers, business partners and government, and reviewed key markets. Special attention was paid to the peculiarities of interaction with consumers (b2c), business partners (b2b) and the government (b2g). 

One of the speakers was Max Nilov, whose profile includes management of EstonianAir and positions at Boeing. He not only shared success stories but also revealed his plan to create a unique route network from the Maldives, demonstrating how innovation can transform the aviation industry.

Another outstanding speaker was Sergey Dashkov, co-founder of SDS-Foods and a business angel. His experience in cooperation with Ahmad Tea Ltd in Russia was an example of successful partnership building. His story emphasized the importance of investments and strategic partnerships in modern business.

Participants also included

Maria Ivanova, Stanislav Kosorukov, Igor Kaloshin and Luzia Ignatanova spoke on the situation in FMCG, identifying current challenges and opportunities for industrial companies. The discussion also touched on educational and service niches, emphasizing the role of IT solution developers in modern business.

In the next segment of presentations, Alexandra Dorf, Sergey Dashkov, Gleb Borukhov and Anton Nekhaenko focused on innovation ecosystems and ways to access financing. The advantages and peculiarities of team building were considered, as well as algorithms for successful entry into the region.

Special attention was paid to the concept of regional marketing, where speakers shared their experience of promotion through local communities. Globalization strategies based on interaction with the MENA region were also presented.

Finally, the business program on expansion trajectories in MENA enriched the participants with a deep understanding of the key aspects of successful integration into the region. Experienced speakers, emphasized the importance of innovation, strategic partnerships and understanding of the specifics of interaction with consumers, business partners and government. Discussions on industry challenges, innovation ecosystems and globalization strategies created a comprehensive vision of opportunities in the MENA region. Overall, the program was a valuable source of strategic guidance for those seeking to successfully expand their businesses in this dynamic and promising region.

Sail, Strategize, Succeed: THE YACHT & TECH SCENE

Congratulations to the winners! The first place went to Makienko Igor, Bakitsky Viktar, Fedorov Zahar, Bestolkau Valery, Koliasikina Olga, Zhokhova Yulia. The second place was taken by Batyrov Renat, Kosorukov Stanislav, Chesnokova Irina, Azarenok Maria, Ivanova Maria, Drobyshev Ivan. On the third place Sapunova Olga, Bezborodov Andrei, Smirnova Ekaterina, Tyrtsev Sergey, Tyrtsev Leonid, Borukhov Gleb.

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