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Implementing Ethical Guidelines for AI & Robotics

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4 mn read The development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics poses a number of ethical challenges, which need to be addressed to ensure responsible and beneficial use of these technologies. Ethical Standard  Ethical Standard = Fairness + Safety + Accountability  The ethical frameworks for AI and robotics emphasize the need to prioritize human values, rights, and wellbeing […]

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A Practical Approach: Applying “Dune” to Leadership Development

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4 mn read Paul Atreides’ leadership style undergoes significant changes throughout the Dune saga and is shaped by his experiences on Arrakis and his transformation into Muad’Dib. Initially, he is portrayed as a young nobleman trained in the ways of leadership by his father, Duke Leto Atreides. He is shown to be determined, principled, and humble, reflecting the […]

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