Stride Ventures Invests $1M in UAE-based Agri-tech Startup Maalexi

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Driving Innovation in the GCC Region’s Food and Agriculture Sector

In a significant move to expand its global footprint, India-based venture debt firm Stride Ventures has announced its first investment of $1 million in UAE-based agri-tech startup Maalexi. This investment is part of a larger commitment by Stride Ventures to drive innovation in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, and will help Maalexi accelerate its growth plans and enhance its operational capabilities for efficient food and agri-produce distribution across the region.

Revolutionizing the Global Cross-Border Food and Agri-Produce Trading Market

Stride Ventures Invests $1M in UAE-based Agri-tech Startup Maalexi
Maalexi mainpage

Founded in 2021 by Azam Pasha and Rohit Majhi, Maalexi aims to transform the $3 trillion global cross-border food and agri-produce trading market by providing critical risk management tools to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The startup’s dynamic risk management platform offers digital contracts, AI-enabled inspections, and blockchain-authenticated documentation, enabling SME agri-buyers to procure food supplies faster, cheaper, and safer from globally located SME agri-producers and exporters.

Enhancing Regional Food Security and Connecting Rural Markets

Stride Ventures Invests $1M in UAE-based Agri-tech Startup Maalexi
Stride Ventures mainpage

Apoorva Sharma, Managing Partner at Stride Ventures, highlighted Maalexi’s deployment of cutting-edge technologies, which places the startup at the forefront of enhancing regional food security and connecting rural markets with the global economy. “This investment embodies Stride Ventures’ commitment to global expansion by supporting companies that use technology to improve traditional industries. Our strategy is not only forward-thinking but also designed to foster innovation and cultivate synergies across borders,” Sharma added.

Scaling Operations and Mitigating International Trade Risks

Azam Pasha, co-founder and CEO of Maalexi, expressed his enthusiasm for the debt capital raise from Stride Ventures, stating that it will significantly enhance the startup’s ability to acquire new users and scale its operations. “We will use these funds to deploy cutting-edge technology solutions that streamline the movement of goods through our local and international warehouses and carriers, effectively mitigating key risks in international trade,” Pasha said. He further added that this capital infusion will serve as a strategic lever, helping Maalexi acquire additional debt capital to expand its operations and bolster food security across the UAE and the broader GCC region.

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The investment not only strengthens Stride Ventures’ commitment to Hub71, Mubadala’s tech ecosystem, but also underscores the firm’s role as a global investor with a strategic focus on supporting high-growth companies in emerging markets. As Maalexi continues to revolutionize the food and agri-produce trading market, this partnership with Stride Ventures is set to drive innovation and foster efficient distribution in the GCC region.

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