Staying in the UAE for the summer with the kids? A summer camp is just what you need.

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How to choose a summer camp for kids in the UAE?

Choosing the right summer camp for kids in the UAE can be a daunting task for parents. The key is to look for a program that offers a balance of fun, learning, and personal development. It’s important to consider the camp’s activities, the expertise of the instructors, and the overall environment to ensure it aligns with your child’s interests and needs. 

At Crunch Dubai, we have a summer camp program from Trusity on our hands that exemplifies these qualities. Trusity’s summer camp stands out as an excellent choice for parents in the UAE. With a focus on holistic education, Trusity offers a diverse range of activities that not only entertain but also educate and inspire. Their experienced instructors are dedicated to fostering a love for learning while ensuring each child has a memorable and enriching experience. By choosing Trusity, parents can feel confident that their children will gain valuable skills, make new friends, and enjoy their summer to the fullest.

Let’s find out how to choose a summer/winter camp using Trusity summer camp as an example

Trusity, being an accredited platform from STEM.Org and KHDA, offers a unique educational experience that blends learning with practical application, ensuring students not only acquire knowledge but also apply it effectively in real-world scenarios. Parents interested in fostering their child’s interest in technology can be assured of Trusity’s comprehensive curriculum and hands-on approach. 

Trusity stands out by integrating coding and AI education into a fun and engaging camp environment. This approach not only equips children with essential digital skills but also encourages their curiosity and creativity in the realm of technology. By choosing Trusity’s summer camp, parents can be rest assured that their children will receive top-notch instruction in cutting-edge fields, preparing them for future success in a rapidly evolving digital world.

First of all you should check basics:

Summer Camp Quality Validation Checklist

Ensure to verify these points to determine the quality of the summer camp:

  1. Accreditation: Is the camp accredited by a recognized educational body?
  2. Staff Qualifications: Are instructors and staff members qualified and experienced?
  3. Curriculum: Does the camp offer a comprehensive and age-appropriate curriculum?
  4. Safety Standards: Are there robust safety protocols in place?
  5. Facilities: Are the facilities clean, safe, and well-maintained?
  6. Feedback: Are there positive reviews and testimonials from other parents?
  7. Activities: Are activities varied and engaging, promoting both learning and fun?
  8. Communication: Does the camp maintain clear and regular communication with parents?
  9. Certification: Do children receive any form of certification or recognition upon completion?
  10. Cost: Is the cost reasonable and clearly outlined?

Program description

Coding Summer Camp (Ages 7-12)

The Coding Summer Camp for ages 7-12 offers an interactive exploration of coding basics and hands-on projects using Pictoblox, blending 1 hour live online sessions with 2 hours of self-paced learning per day to foster creativity and technical skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the evolution of coding and applying these to a game.
  • Navigate and use Pictoblox extensions and implement loops.
  • Integrate sounds into projects and understand the Cartesian coordinate system.
  • Create and follow algorithms for sprite movement.
  • Control program flow with conditional statements and use variables.
  • Apply mathematical operations to variables.
  • Complete a final challenge – Creating a game.


  • Evolution of Coding and Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Understanding Pictoblox Environment, Extensions, and Loops
  • Integrating Sounds and Cartesian Coordinate System
  • Developing Algorithms and Sprite Movement
  • Using Conditional Statements, Storing Data, and Performing Mathematical Operations
  • Creating Projects with Video Sensing to Interact with Sprites
  • AI Face Detection
  • Challenge: Build an Ocean Clean up game to save the fishes

What we think about Coding Summer Camp (Ages 7-12)


  • Interactive Learning: The combination of 1-hour live online sessions with 2 hours of self-paced learning effectively balances guided instruction and independent practice, which is essential for young learners.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The camp covers crucial foundational topics like the evolution of coding, Pictoblox navigation, sound integration, and algorithm creation. These areas are critical for building a solid base in coding and technology.

Areas you should ask questions about:

  • Depth of Topics: Some topics might be too advanced for the younger age group. Simplifying certain concepts could make the material more accessible.
  • Engagement Methods: Incorporating more interactive and gamified elements could increase engagement and make learning more enjoyable for younger children.

Recommendation: The Coding Summer Camp is highly beneficial for young learners. However, check if the program ensures age-appropriate complexity and incorporates additional engagement techniques.

AI Summer Camp (Ages 13-18)

The Coding and AI Summer Camp for ages 13-18 immerses teens in advanced coding and AI topics, blending 1 hour live online sessions with 2 hours of self-paced learning per day to foster creativity and technical skills.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master sounds and Cartesian coordinates.
  • Develop algorithms and control sprites.
  • Use conditional statements and variables.
  • Perform mathematical operations.
  • Create projects with video sensing and AI detection.
  • Understand audio classification and create sound classifiers.
  • Build AI systems for attendance and classroom management.
  • Construct gesture-controlled robots.
  • Develop AI chatbots and automate image sorting.
  • Complete a final challenge applying AI concepts to sustainability.


  • Sounds, Cartesian Coordinate System, and Algorithms
  • Sprite Movement and Conditional Statements
  • Storing Data and Mathematical Operations Using Variables
  • Video Sensing Technology and AI Face Detection
  • Object and Human Body Detection
  • Audio Classification in Pictoblox and Creating an Animal Sound Classifier
  • Building an Attendance System and Enhancing Classroom Management with AI
  • Gesture-Controlled Robots: Construction and Programming
  • Building AI Chatbots and Automating Image Sorting
  • Challenge: Build an AI recycling detector

What we think about AI Summer Camp (Ages 13-18)


  • Advanced Curriculum: This camp provides an in-depth look at cutting-edge topics such as AI detection, audio classification, and gesture-controlled robotics. These subjects are essential for students interested in pursuing careers in technology.
  • Project-Based Learning: The program emphasizes real-world applications, allowing students to gain practical experience with advanced technologies.

Areas you should ask questions about:

  • Balance of Guidance and Independence: Ensuring that students receive adequate guidance during complex projects is crucial. Some students may struggle without sufficient support.
  • Sustainability Focus: The sustainability challenge is a great addition but might be better integrated throughout the program rather than just as a final project.

Crunch Dubai’s Recommendation: The AI Summer Camp is exceptional for older students. It provides a well-rounded, challenging curriculum that prepares participants for future careers in technology. Ensuring adequate support and better integration of sustainability themes could enhance the experience.

General Feedback


  • Holistic Approach: Trusity’s camps emphasize 21st-century skills, employability, and real-world applications, preparing students for future challenges.
  • Accreditations: The platform’s KHDA and accreditations ensure high educational standards, adding credibility and assurance of quality.

Areas you should ask questions about:

  • Parental Involvement: Increasing communication with parents about their child’s progress could enhance the overall experience and ensure that parents are kept in the loop regarding their child’s development.
  • Resource Accessibility: Providing additional resources and support materials could help students who need extra assistance, ensuring that all participants can keep up with the program.

Overall Evaluation

Trusity’s summer camps offer a well-designed, comprehensive learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. The programs are educationally sound and promote essential skills through project-based learning. By ensuring age-appropriate content, adequate support, and enhanced engagement methods, Trusity ensures the effectiveness and fun during these camps.

For parents looking to provide their children with valuable summer experiences that develop essential skills and foster a love for learning technology, Trusity’s summer camps are an excellent choice. With a focus on STEM, skill development, and real-world applications, these camps prepare young learners for future success in the evolving digital world. Register here to give your child an enriching summer with Trusity – RSVP your place

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