The students of Al Ghazali Boys School and Al Reem Girls School in Abu Dhabi learned the basics of electronics, physics, and programming to solve robotics tasks. They conducted simulations of their solutions with digital twins and then completed the assignments of the qualifying and semifinal stages of the “IU Omega Power of Knowledge” – International Olympiad in Design and Invention. The preparation took place from October 16th to October 27th in Abu Dhabi, with experts from SinahaRus Robotics, Intelligent University, and Omega.Future taking part.

Russian Engineering Class

In the semifinals, the students competed in programming virtual robots using the IDE and in an engineering design contest using the Omegabots and Intelligent University programs. During the semifinals, meetings were arranged with Russian cosmonauts, engineers from the space industry, and UAE astronauts.

The event was held under the patronage of H.E Mohammed bin Salem bin Kardous Al Ameri, Chairman of Sinaha.

Among the guests were:

  • Saleh Al Ameri, the UAE Astronaut
  • Engineer Khaled Alansari, Director of School Services Department of Emirates Schools Establishment
  • Humaid Abdulla, Director of the Student Services Department of Abu Dhabi Education Council
  • Andrey Terekhin, head of trade representative of Russia in the UAE
  • Makar German, deputy head of representative of Russia in the UAE
  • Mikhail Kudryavtsev, digital attaché of trade representative of Russia in the UAE

Galina Yanovskaya

In November, the semifinalists will participate in an Inventors’ Contest – a marathon for designing the university of the future. The final of the autumn season of the Olympiad in the 2023/24 academic year will be held in St. Petersburg in December 2023. Abu Dhabi will compete for the right to host the final of the next season’s 2023/24 Olympiad on International Aviation and Cosmonautics Day, April 12, 2024.

About the organizers:

SinahaRus Robotics is a UAE distributor and integrator of STEAM educational solutions, aimed at cultivating future engineers and inventors. The company specializes in offering educational technologies and programs for schools, teachers, and students. Its focus is on fostering inventive thinking, science, and technology creativity, as well as practical engineering skills.

Intelligent University is an online university and a promising global EduTech startup in STREAM (Science, Tech, Reading, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) at the seed stage. It is known for its engaging Space Robotics programs, an edutainment platform for students and teachers (both B2C and B2G), and the IU Omega “Power of Knowledge” Olympiad. The mission is to form future generations through education.

Alex Chugrinov

Omega.Future is a pioneering system integrator and IT solution developer, specializing in digital transformation, robotics, AI, VR, AR, and additive technologies. 20+ years of experience, 2000+ implemented projects, and 1000+ highly skilled engineers. The mission is to embody innovations, providing intellectual solutions and services, ensuring sustainable development for society.

Alexey Chugrinov, visionary and leader of Intelligent University, states:

“Education shapes generations. Today’s schoolchildren are the future leaders of humanity in the Space Era. It is our responsibility to educate them in the best traditions of Russian engineering and space school. In the current global situation, it is especially important to strengthen the international solidarity of children and youth, creating sustainable horizontal connections through education and intellectual sports. Our Olympiad addresses this task at an international level and contributes to the formation of ‘Intelligent Special Forces’ for humanity, primarily in small territories where there is a shortage of teachers with engineering experience. This is a strategic initiative of Intelligent University and our contribution to the future of children.”
Russian Engineering Class

Yaroslav Aleinik, visionary and leader of Omega.Future, said, “Nikolay Danilevsky stated that progress does not consist of everyone moving in the same direction – in that case, progress would soon cease – but in ‘covering the whole field in all directions’.

Today, a historic moment is taking place, opening opportunities for states and civilizations to unleash their own human potential and choose a sovereign path of development. When speaking about human resources and technological sovereignty, we see that we are ready to provide other countries with opportunities for breakthroughs in science and technology through the implementation of leading educational methods and programs. We are confident that the future lies in the collaboration of young Kulibins from around the world, and we are merely conduits of knowledge and universal values for them. It is on this principle that we develop long-term interaction in a multipolar world.”

Location: Al Ghazali Boys School and Al Reem Girls School in Abu Dhabi

November 8, 2023


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