Restaurant POS Software 2024 System Winning the UAE, KSA, Oman by the Dubai Founder Zohare Haider at The Foundy

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In the vibrant tech ecosystem of the United Arab Emirates, a groundbreaking development in restaurant management is gaining momentum. Spearheaded by Dubai-based innovator Zohare Haider, the Restaurant POS Software 2024, launched at The Foundry, represents a pinnacle of digital transformation in the dining sector. Designed to meet the demands of over 90 establishments looking for efficient restaurant POS systems, this tool not only serves as a robust restaurant point of sale but also enhances operational efficiencies. With an impressive adoption rate, this POS system for restaurants is tailored to reduce food waste and manage costs, securing its position as a top choice among the UAE’s bustling gastronomic venues. Dive deeper into how this software is sculpting a new era for restaurants, prioritizing sustainability and streamlined management in a competitive market.

Zohare Haider: Pioneering POS System for Restaurants in the United Arab Emirates

Zohare Haider, the innovative mind behind, is redefining how restaurants in the United Arab Emirates manage their operations with advanced POS systems for restaurants. His platform,, is at the forefront of the restaurant technology scene, providing a comprehensive restaurant POS solution that streamlines inventory management and cuts costs, ensuring that restaurants can operate more efficiently and profitably.

Revolutionizing Restaurant Point of Sale with Zohare Haider’s in Dubai

As a leader in the tech-driven transformation of the F&B industry, Zohare Haider has developed, a restaurant point of sale system that integrates seamlessly into the daily workings of restaurants. Located in Dubai, has earned accolades for its impact on the food service market, improving service delivery and operational effectiveness across the board.

Zohare Haider’s Award-Winning Restaurant POS Software in the UAE, KSA, Oman

Restaurant POS Software 2024 System Winning the UAE, KSA, Oman by the Dubai Founder Zohare Haider at The Foundy
<strong>Jalebiio Restaurant POS Software 2024<strong>

Zohare Haider‘s has been celebrated as an award-winning restaurant POS software across the United Arab Emirates. This innovative platform helps restaurants optimize their operations by automating inventory management, which is crucial for reducing food waste and improving financial margins. The software’s sophisticated analytics provide actionable insights that enhance decision-making processes in the fast-paced restaurant industry.

Transforming Food Service with Zohare Haider’s Restaurant POS in Dubai

In Dubai’s competitive restaurant industry, Zohare Haider‘s stands out as a leading restaurant POS system, tailored to meet the complex needs of modern eateries.

By focusing on critical aspects like inventory control and cost management, ensures that restaurants not only survive the tough market conditions but thrive by maximizing efficiency and profitability.

Here’s a chronological listing of key milestones and positions held by Zohare Haider, as derived from the detailed information provided in his socials:

  1. 2005: Founded, pioneering digitized restaurant listings in Pakistan.
  2. 2006 – 2008: Built an agritech startup in Thar, Pakistan, raising $500K in seed capital from Acumen.
  3. 2015 – Present: Founded and serves as Board Director at Digital Street, a boutique brand marketing agency.
  4. January 2021 – Present: Co-Founder and CEO of, a leading restaurant inventory optimization technology company.
  5. February 2023 – Present: Founding Member of 24SIX9.
  6. May 2021 – Present: Investor in Tropicfeel.
  7. December 2022 – Present: Investor in CrossVal.
  8. May 2023 – Present: Investor in blueflite.
  9. September 2023 – Present: Investor in Mous.

These titles reflect Zohare Haider’s journey through entrepreneurship and investment, highlighting his significant contributions to various sectors, particularly in technology and the restaurant industry.

Restaurant POS Software 2024 System Winning the UAE, KSA, Oman by the Dubai Founder Zohare Haider at The Foundy
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Restaurant POS Software 2024 System Winning the UAE, KSA, Oman by the Dubai Founder Zohare Haider at The Foundy

  • Pavel Afonin

    This is an insightful article about how Zohare Haider’s Restaurant POS Software 2024 is revolutionizing the dining industry across the UAE, KSA, and Oman, empowering restaurants to optimize operations, reduce waste, and boost profitability.

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    Of course, the advances in Restaurant POS software from Zohare Haider at The Foundy are revolutionizing the experience of working in the UAE, KSA and Oman. The integration of advanced technologies and user-friendly interfaces is to set a new standard for efficiency and customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry. Thanks to Haider’s innovative approach, establishments can optimize operations, improve customer service and ultimately drive growth and success in a competitive market. My respects to Zohare Haider for leading the way to a smoother and more enjoyable dining experience!

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