How to invest money in 2023. Lifehack from founder

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Denis Kerzheman Team
The CEO of Regolithcom Denis Kerzheman And The Brilliant Regolithcom Teammates

Denis Kerzheman, the founder of, took some time to speak with us about his projects in a relaxed and informal way. He told that his first investments in the financial market began in 2014 when he decided to invest in the construction business. After becoming accustomed to this kind of industry, Denis started hunting for instruments in 2015, investing in BCS and Alfa Capital. For the past five years, he has had income from and Freedom Finance. In 2021, Denis began investing in venture capital deals such as KRAKEN, YALLAMARKET, DISCORD, SPACEX, METAMASK and many others.

How to invest money in 2023. Lifehack from founder

Denis Kerzheman also shared some interesting facts about investing. He explained the basics of investing and how to make the most of your money. He also gave advice on how to be a successful investor and how to avoid common mistakes. It was a very informative talk. Anyway, listen for yourself…
Denis Kerzheman Interview On Russian Language With Crunch Dubai Editor.

What do and the best investment app have in common?

$39M Invested since 2016. 1200+ Number of active users. 350+ deals since 2016. owes much of its achievements today to partnerships. “ attaches almost sacred significance to them. A “partner” is perceived as someone who has won his internal war that no one knows about. If to explain in simpler terms, almost every person goes through obstacles, gains experience and moves towards personal success. tries to find such people and invites them to join its team.

How to invest money in 2023. Lifehack from founder
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For investors looking to expand their portfolio and capital level, is the perfect platform. Whether you are a small-time financial enthusiast or an experienced investor, the team of experts at can improve your portfolio potential.

With the platform, clients have access to safe and convenient investment services Pre-IPO and IPO stocks, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Real Estate and etc.

How do we select companies for Pre-IPO?

There are 7 selection criteria for early and late-stage venture Angel Round and Pre-IPO deals:

  1. We first look for B-round companies and later. This reduces the possible time to IPO.
  2. We do not consider companies whose funding round was valued lower than the previous round.
  3. We require companies to have a capitalization growth rate of at least 0.8% per week. The higher, the better, but 0.8% is the minimum.
  4. We investigate companies that have already been invested in by 10 or more venture capital funds and try to find at least two well-known venture capital funds. Then, we analyze the statistics of these funds in taking companies public, the time frame of their exits, and the results they achieved. There should be at least two of such funds.
  5. We study the company and in most cases try to collaborate with it to see if the product works. In this aspect, we look for market leaders with large clients. Good examples are Instacart and BitPay. Instacart’s service was really inconvenient, while BitPay was super simple and honest. We chose BitPay after checking the company based on this factor.
  6. Business sectors must be the trends of the year. Cryptocurrency, AI, energy, software, automation, robots, etc. Underwriters aggressively conduct IPOs for these sectors in groups. In 2021, pharmaceutical companies specializing in Alzheimer’s disease had 6 IPO deals. Thus, this sector is now finished, and companies have played out the trend. So we look at what the current theme is for 2022-2023 and focus on it, such as crypto lending – ABRA and SaaS – Dataminer, and crypto acquiring and storage – BitPay
  7. Then we ask our brokers in the US to show us deals after this selection process. Sometimes they offer us possible deals, and sometimes we ask them to find available shares of companies that interest us. This can work in both directions. Sometimes a company’s fundraising goals are met and there are no shares, but our broker will show us the main competitor. This launches the process of searching for shares and negotiating with sellers. Sellers are mainly employees who have worked in these companies for many years and want to buy a house or leave the company. They have an option that we buy out‘s team of professionals helps clients make timely decisions about their investments. It also offers risk management, legal support and technical assistance for all its clients. If you’re looking for more from your financial investments, is the answer. If you still have questions, text to them.

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