Hub71 and Digital Assets have launched a whole new era of collaboration and innovation. This cooperative ecosystem is all about unlocking the vast possibilities that come from working with digital assets such as Ethereum, EOS and others to realize groundbreaking technology-based startups. The Hub71 provides an array of solutions for entrepreneurs looking to get their businesses off the ground in a secure environment by connecting them with exclusive partnership opportunities, access to strategic networks, funds for growth initiatives and mentorship resources like never before seen before.

Furthermore, day-to-day industry experts are onsite providing continuous guidance along each step towards success; helping founders externalize their vision into reality faster than ever thought possible! Built upon existing Abu Dhabi infrastructure alongside regulatory support from both governmental institutions (e.g., ADGM) and private organizations (including banks), Hub71 brings not just financial means but also further commitment through custom tax incentives designed specifically for participating companies which can range up 30%.

That’s insane value! So far we’ve seen some amazing progress being made across industries — whether it be FinTech advancements powered by distributed ledger technologies or health tech applications taking advantage of blockchain innovations — these will likely set unprecedented standards that many couldn’t have dreamed possible until now! Ultimately this opens big opportunities ultimately proves integral in turning visions into concrete results quicker than anticipated wherein stories worth hearing stay at centrefold moving forward.

February 21, 2023


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