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Subscrible - Mobile Games Changer
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Howdy ye landlubbers! Today we weigh anchor with Subscrible, a mobile gaming startup making waves from its home port of Cyprus. These young bucks be out to transforms the stormy seas of freemium monetization.

So I hoisted my mainsail to pick the brain of Founder & CEO Evgeny Unegovsky. After swapping some gamer lingo, this old sea dog gave me the treasure map to his vision:

“We be building a place where players can enjoy smooth sailin’ without no cursed ads blindin’ their spyglass. And for developers, our charts lead to safer waters where earnings overflow like rum at port!”

Evgeny Unegovsky

#Origin Story: Born From Frustration

Evgeny first donned his pirate hat back working with one veteran game studio. It  taught him the ropes, but soon he felt the winds change.

“The constant push for crazy monetization left me and me crew feelin’ scurvy. We thought thar must be better way to keeps the ship afloat.”

Subscrible - Evgeny Unegovsky
<em>Thats Evgeny tired of crazy monetisation strategies <em>

So Evgeny assembled a motley gang, together these scallywags dreamed of a mobile gaming utopia with no intrusive ads…only calm seas and clear skies for all.

#The Stormy Problem on Mobile

But why exactly do this band o’ buccaneers think the current state o’ affairs be so squiffy for players and developers alike? Well let him explain…

“Mobile games be addictin’ as opium nowadays, but the dirty secret is most get 80% of their booty from just 5% o’ maties. These cursed whales keep the ship floating but scare off other swimmers!”

Evgeny Unegovsky

Aye, the reliance on ads and IAPs (in-app purchases) benefit the big fish but leave wee minnows and developers starving for more.

“Interstitial video ads be necessary evil for many devs now. But players suffer relentless pop-ups that would drive Blackbeard himself to drink!”

And advertisers suffer too as excessive disruption tanks conversion rates over time. It forms a vicious whirlpool dragging down returns for all scallywags involved.

#A Revolutionary Vision

But Subscrible spies clearer horizons ahead mates…where developers rake in silver aplenty while players bask in sunlight unpolluted by toxic monetization.

“We reckon if ads distract less, players watch more. By aggregating demand, we lower costs for traffic and focus ads to engaged users. Everyone wins!”

Evgeny Declares

Through this wholesale model, Subscrible believes they can increase retention and lift developer earnings 10x. And rather than ripping 50% commissions like some gold-thirsty publishers, they let creators keep their rightful bounty.

It’s a bold vision that flips the script on conventional freemium wisdom. But looking across these dreamers manning the crow’s nest, you get the sense that if anyone can lead this revolution, tis Evgeniy and his trusted mates!

#Solving Acute Pain Points 

The Subscrible team members may act like jolly swashbucklers, but make no mistake…they keenly understand the acute pain plaguing both players and developers today:

For Players:

  • Intrusive ads that constantly disrupt in-game immersion
  • Paywalls and limited lives tactics that push IAP purchases
  • Repeated ads leaving users feeling exploited rather than valued

For Developers:

  • Major publishers ripping up to 50% in commissions
  • Rising UA costs making ROI unprofitable for smaller studios
  • Declining eCPMs as users grow desensitized to repetitive ads

Through its aggregated demand model removing sporadic ads, Subscrible strikes right at the heart of these issues. Gamers enjoy uninterrupted gameplay while developers access premium traffic at lower costs. That means higher LTV and lift across the whole mobile gaming ecosystem. Pretty cunning plan eh bucko!

#Key Innovations Holding the Compass

Beyond its demand aggregation framework rejuvenating the freemium model, Subscrible employs several pioneering innovations under the hood:

Ad Optimization: By analyzing GAME ID tags and user preferences, their systems display higher converting ads at optimal frequency for engaged players (roughly 1 every 3 sessions)

Blockchain Integration (on the roadmap): Smart contracts on blockchain could allow crowdsourced funding from player networks themselves, creating a virtuous cycle benefiting all

Machine Learning: Neural networks learn to match titles, genres and users to contextual ads, increasing relevance and response over time

Despite still being in beta, early traction suggests these systems could produce exponential gains at scale. The crew also recognizes fresh opportunties to leverage web3 mechanics for cooperative funding and ownership.

While avoiding hype, there’s no doubt this startup thinks years ahead of most competitors!

#Evaluating Total Addressable Market 

In gauging potential plunder for Subscrible’s treasure-hunting voyage, we first need to define their total addressable market (TAM).

Mobile Gaming: Global mobile gaming alone is on pace to hit $136 billion by 2025 according to Statista. Subscrible conservatively estimates it can service at least 1% of that spend.

In-Game Advertising: But also factoring the in-game ad market projected to reach ~$56 billion, the actual TAM may sit north of $190 billion!

Even claiming 0.5% would yield a $1 billion empire for these aspiring corsairs! And with developers netting only 50% of public show loot after publishers take their tax, Subscrible’s generous terms could attract mass migration.

Of course, rival fleets like Google and ironSource won’t cede territory without cannon fire. But betting against Blackbeard recouping 10x returns seems like a risky gambit!

#Plotting the Course to Growth 

When it comes to routing expansion, Subscrible charts an aggressive course:

  • Q1 2024 – Complete beta testing; onboard initial studio partners
  • Q2 2024 – Launch developer SDKs across key gaming engines
  • Q3 2024 – Expand to 100+ development partners and 20M MAUs
  • Q4 2024 – Initiate crowdsourced funding via blockchain offerings

2025-2026 – Become a top 10 mobile gaming advertising platform.

Subscrible - On the way to success
<em>Subscrible<em> <em>at<em> <em>Helsinki Nordic Games Looking forward to change the Game<em>

Fueled by his ambitious vision, Evgeny expects swift winds to fill sails as developers flock to their updated paradise. With a potential 1 billion strong mob of mobile gamers out there, even capturing 1% could make for smooth sailing indeed!

#Monetizing the High Seas Economy

 As Subscrible migrates developers seeking transparency and sustainability, they gain access to premium media inventory. By selling engagement-based ad placements at fair market rates, Subscrible earns its keep without resorting to predatory practices.

Specifically, their bounty breaks down as:

  • CPM fees from serving contextually relevant non-video/interstitial ads
  • Premium traffic sales of engaged user segments
  • Licensing & maintenance fees for proprietary adtech solutions
  • Potential liquidity events for blockchain tokens

With strong tailwinds already pushing freemium fatigue, Subscrible may unlock treasure chests sooner than later!

#Traction Thus Far

Though still awaiting launch from port, Subscrible has already started turning heads across the high seas:

  • 📈 10x LTV increase across pilot partners
  • 📱 Partnerships with 150+ gaming studios

Having sailed past proof-of-concept and securing funding, Evgeniy seems poised to start seizing that $190 billion bounty soon!

Even old dogs like EA and Activision might feel some heat should this fiery upstart catch the wind just right! And we’re not even talking about Hyper Casual Publishers like Voodoo, Homa, CrazyLabs or SuperSonic.

#Final Boarding Call! 

After weighing anchor with Evgeny and his scurvy crew, I’m convinced Subscrible may be closer to righting the ship than any previous attempt.

By aligning incentives for gamers, devs AND advertisers, they dismantle the toxic loops holding the industry hostage. And using smart aggregation combined with bleeding-edge tech like AI and Blockchain, they just may pull off this grand mutiny after all!

So for all you adventure-seekers and current sailors who feel the tides are changing, perhaps now is time to stake your flag with Subscrible’s revolution!

The journey promises high risk but even greater reward. Only question remains then…who amongst ye has the courage to enlist on this quest towards mobile gaming destiny??? ☠️

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