Ultimate Guide to Hamster Kombat: How to Play, Earn, and Maximize Profits and today combo 15- 16 jule and today cypher (UPDATED)

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Introduction to Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is an engaging mobile clicker game where players assist a hamster in becoming a cryptocurrency CEO. The game’s simplicity, combined with strategic elements, makes it appealing for players looking to earn virtual currency through interactive gameplay.

Getting Started

Ultimate Guide to Hamster Kombat: How to Play, Earn, and Maximize Profits and today combo 15- 16 jule and today cypher (UPDATED)

To start playing Hamster Kombat, simply access the game through a Telegram bot, eliminating the need for any downloads. This convenience allows players to quickly dive into the game. You begin with basic resources and gradually advance by clicking to earn virtual coins. The more you play, the more coins you can accumulate, unlocking various features and levels.

Maximizing Coin Earnings

Combo Cards

Combo cards are crucial for boosting your earnings. These cards are available every day at 4pm Dubai time and can provide up to 5 million coins. Players can combine different cards to amplify their coin collection significantly.

Today Hamster Kombat combo 15-16 jule (UPDATED)

Ultimate Guide to Hamster Kombat: How to Play, Earn, and Maximize Profits and today combo 15- 16 jule and today cypher (UPDATED)
  1. Markets tab  → ETH pairs
  2. PR&Team tab → Product team
  3. Specials tab → Call for BTC to rise

Hamster Kombat Cipher Today (UPDATED):

Cypher: MERKLE

  1. M: — —
  2. E: •
  3. R: • — •
  4. K: — • —
  5. L: • — • •
  6. E: •

Referral Program

The referral program in Hamster Kombat is a key feature for earning more coins. With a Telegram Premium subscription, players can earn up to 25,000 coins per referral. For non-premium users, the reward is 5,000 coins. As referred players progress in the game, additional bonuses are awarded, making it a lucrative method to increase your coin count.

Daily Tasks and Special Events

Participating in daily tasks and special events within the game can unlock more combo cards and coins. These tasks are designed to keep the gameplay engaging while providing opportunities to boost your earnings.

Monetizing Hamster Kombat Earnings

Ultimate Guide to Hamster Kombat: How to Play, Earn, and Maximize Profits and today combo 15- 16 jule and today cypher (UPDATED)

Currently, the in-game coins cannot be directly converted into real money. However, the game’s developers have plans to list their cryptocurrency on exchanges. This will enable players to convert their virtual coins into real currency. The token is set to premiere on KuCoin on June 17, which will provide a tangible value to the coins earned within the game.

Advanced Strategies for Success

To excel in Hamster Kombat, players should adopt a strategic approach:

  • Frequent Card Collection: Ensure you collect combo cards daily and participate in events to maximize your bonuses.
  • Efficient Referral Management: Leverage the referral program by encouraging friends to join and using paid referral services to maintain a high number of active referrals.
  • Daily Engagement: Regular participation in daily tasks and staying updated with game events will keep your earnings consistent and substantial.

Future Prospects and Updates

Hamster Kombat is continuously evolving, with new features and updates planned by the developers. Keeping an eye on upcoming updates and participating in new events can provide additional opportunities for earning and enhancing your gameplay experience.

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FAQ – Hamster Kombat

When will Hamster Kombat be listed? There is no confirmed date for the listing, but developers have hinted at September 2024.

How do I invite a friend to Hamster Kombat? In the app, select the “Friends” option and share your referral link with your friends.

What are some alternatives to Hamster Kombat? Tapper games gained popularity after Notcoin. Similar apps include projects like Blum.

Why has Hamster Kombat become so popular? The app rewards users for inviting new players and promises an airdrop, offering a chance to monetize their taps. However, the airdrop and listing are not guaranteed.


Hamster Kombat offers an exciting and strategic way to earn virtual currency. By effectively using combo cards, maximizing the referral program, and engaging in daily tasks, players can significantly boost their coin earnings. The upcoming cryptocurrency listing on exchanges will soon allow players to convert their in-game efforts into real-world value, making the game not only fun but also potentially profitable.

By implementing these strategies and staying engaged with the game’s updates, players can optimize their Hamster Kombat experience and maximize their virtual earnings.

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Ultimate Guide to Hamster Kombat: How to Play, Earn, and Maximize Profits and today combo 15- 16 jule and today cypher (UPDATED)

  • Olga Nayda

    I love it. Thank you Pavel!

  • Vasilii Zakharov

    I note that Hamster Kombat is an exciting mobile game combining the simplicity of the clicker with elements of strategy. The game allows players to earn virtual currency by helping a hamster become a cryptocurrency CEO. Key aspects for maximizing profits include collecting combo cards daily, participating in a referral program, and completing daily tasks.

    It is especially important to keep an eye on updates and new events in the game so as not to miss opportunities to increase earnings. The expected listing of the cryptocurrency on the KuCoin exchange in June 2024 will open the possibility of converting virtual coins into real currency, which makes the game not only interesting, but also potentially profitable.

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