FinFlx is a workplace financial wellness platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses develop and provide financial benefits on a large scale. It offers a variety of savings plans for people with varying degrees of risk, including a capital protection plan that guarantees principal. They use advanced technology to transform the way they manage rewards from spreadsheets and paperwork to an affordable, user-friendly platform that empowers the future of work and finance. FinFlx creates a healthy balance sheet for your company by separating compensation funds from operating cash flow.


  • Earn 4% APR on all free cash flow with no minimum deposit, no lock-in period and no monthly account fees. You just get all the benefits without any restrictions.
  • Enjoy the freedom to make deposits and withdrawals according to your business needs without any restrictive minimums or withdrawal penalties.
  • All deposits are held in the customer’s depository cash account and are supervised by the Financial Services Authority.

FinFlx has raised a total of $1.7 million in funding in two rounds. The latest funding was raised on January 10, 2022 in a Pre-Seed round.FinFlx is funded by 5 investors: Vectr, Dubai Future District Fund, Y Combinator, Original Capital and 500 Global. Founders Amr Youssif and Mathieu Capel. The company is ranked 52890 by Crunchbase. FinFlx is headquartered at DIFC in Dubai, UAE.


The DIFC is an international financial free zone and operates independently of the rest of the UAE, boasting its own laws and regulations that meet global standards. It provides a level-playing field for both regional firms and international investors to access advanced capital markets products in a world-class regulatory environment. With multiple layers of investor protection within the world’s leading legal & regulatory frameworks, it has opened up opportunities for companies to expand their presence across borders without sacrificing efficiency or stability.

Companies are also offered first-class physical infrastructure in terms of office space, telecommunications systems and IT networks on par with developed countries, so customers can more quickly set up shop at this finance-friendly destination which offers many advantages like zero tax rate on all businesses based out here no matter what ownership structure they take; Shariah-compliant services such as Islamic banking & investment vehicles; special exemption from some local types taxes etc., making doing business easier than ever before!

May 18, 2023


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