Silicon Valley Innovation Platform Plug and Play Invests in UAE-Based Legal Start-up Clara.This startup is being incubated at the innovation center HUB71.

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Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, Clara is a legal startup that has been making waves in the legal industry since its founding in 2018. The legal tech company has recently received an unnamed investment from Silicon Valley innovation platform Plug and Play.

In aThe Clara legal team automates and digitizes various legal tasks for entrepreneurs, such as setting up companies in different countries, forming digital companies, managing the capital table and data room, and automating legal document generation. ddition, Clara provides entrepreneurs with an array of legal services, such as setting up foreign entities, setting up a digital company, and obtaining an occupational license.

Through the new partnership, Plug and Play will have privileged access to Clara’s product line as well as the customized educational support that Clara and Plug and Play will develop together. This will enable Plug and Play to provide their clients with access to Clara’s comprehensive legal suite, giving them the ability to streamline their legal needs in one place.

The Clara legal team is excited about the new partnership with Plug and Play and the potential it offers for the legal tech industry. The team is looking forward to leveraging the investment to continue to provide entrepreneurs with the best legal services and to expand their presence in the Silicon Valley and across the globe.


innovation center hub71

HUB71 is a global technology ecosystem designed to help startups in the UAE succeed. Based in Abu Dhabi, the initiative provides a range of services to help entrepreneurs launch and expand their businesses, including access to global markets, capital ecosystems, a global network of partners, and an active community of highly skilled professionals.

An innovation center is a physical space, typically located within a business or organization, that is dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation. It is designed to provide an environment that encourages collaboration, experimentation, and the development of new ideas. Innovation centers often feature open workspaces, meeting rooms, and other amenities that are conducive to creative thinking. They may also host events such as hackathons and workshops to further promote innovations.HUB71 is ranked 11162 by Crunchbase.


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