BANTgo Selected for NVIDIA Inception Program, Paving the Way for Cutting-Edge Recycling Solutions

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BANTgo, a Dubai-based startup dedicated to revolutionizing recycling and waste management, proudly announces its inclusion in the prestigious NVIDIA Inception program. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for BANTgo, as it gains access to groundbreaking technologies and resources from NVIDIA, enabling the startup to accelerate its development and bring innovative recycling solutions to the forefront.

NVIDIA Inception is a renowned support and development initiative tailored for startups in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics domains. BANTgo stood out among a pool of applicants, thanks to its groundbreaking and ingenious approaches within the recycling and waste management sector.


Through the collaboration with NVIDIA Inception, BANTgo gains invaluable access to advanced NVIDIA technologies, including AI GPUs and the Triton Inference Server. These cutting-edge tools will empower the startup to supercharge the performance and capabilities of its AI chatbot, impact2earn. Machine learning models will be optimized, computations accelerated, and platform responsiveness significantly improved, taking the user experience to new heights.

As a participant in the NVIDIA Inception program, BANTgo will also receive personalized consultations from seasoned NVIDIA specialists, who will lend their expertise to optimize systems and explore novel ways of leveraging artificial intelligence in the startup’s product offerings.


The strategic alliance with NVIDIA Inception further opens doors for BANTgo to engage with venture capitalists and strengthen joint marketing efforts. This unparalleled exposure will enhance BANTgo’s visibility and desirability within the technology and startup sectors, fostering potential collaborations and investments.

With unwavering dedication, BANTgo strives to harness the resources and support from NVIDIA Inception to propel its growth and expand its footprint in the MENA market and beyond. The startup remains committed to its essential mission of raising awareness about recycling and sustainability, while simultaneously fostering economic opportunities for communities and shouldering social and environmental responsibility.


BANTgo impact2earn is an AI Chatbot & Web3 recycling rewards platform around electronic waste. Our AI chatbot identifies and categorizes electronic waste, guiding users to nearby e-waste collection/drop-off points. By recycling through our platform, you earn digital NFT rewards minted from the world’s first certified green blockchain, which can be traded/exchanged on our NFT marketplace for discounts on a wide range of products and services as well as carbon credits.


For media inquiries and further information about BANTgo, please contact Co-Founder and CMO Joseph L. Patterson by [email protected]

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BANTgo Selected for NVIDIA Inception Program, Paving the Way for Cutting-Edge Recycling Solutions

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