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Established in 1973 as the first commercial bank of Sharjah and the fifth in the UAE, Bank of Sharjah has been at the forefront of driving economic growth in the Emirate of Sharjah and the broader United Arab Emirates. With an unwavering commitment to its core values, the bank and CEO Mohamed Khadiri has carved a niche for itself as a reliable and trusted financial institution over the decades, leaving a strong legacy of excellence.

Headquartered in Sharjah and listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Bank of Sharjah holds a prominent position in the UAE’s financial landscape. Notably, the bank has expanded its reach beyond the UAE borders through its subsidiary, Emirates Lebanon Bank S.A.L., establishing a strong presence in Lebanon as well.

Development of the Bank of Sharjah

The bank’s journey over the years is a testament to its adaptability and ability to keep pace with the ever-changing economic and social developments. By crafting a sustainable strategy, Bank of Sharjah has positioned itself as a key player in the nation’s economic development, contributing significantly to making the UAE an oasis of stability and a magnet for global investments in the Middle East.

Bank of Sharjah’s portfolio of services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from corporations to individuals. The bank offers an extensive range of services, including industry, trade, education, services sector support, private banking, and wealth management. This comprehensive suite of services reflects the bank’s commitment to addressing the varied financial needs of its customers.

One of the hallmarks of Bank of Sharjah’s success lies in its dedication to upholding its core values throughout all banking operations. This commitment to integrity, trust, and customer-centricity has earned the bank an exceptional reputation in the financial sector. Clients and partners alike view Bank of Sharjah as a reliable and dependable institution, and this trust has been the bedrock of its long-standing relationships.

The bank’s pivotal role in fostering economic growth in Sharjah and the UAE can hardly be overstated. By supporting various sectors such as industry, trade, and education, Bank of Sharjah has played a crucial part in shaping the nation’s economic landscape. Moreover, its contribution to private banking and wealth management has helped many individuals and businesses secure their financial futures.

Promising directions of the company

As a forward-looking institution, Bank of Sharjah remains committed to its vision of providing outstanding financial services that are associated with its esteemed reputation. Its track record of excellence and dedication to being a “Partner in Progress” for its clients sets the bank apart from its competitors.

Looking ahead, Bank of Sharjah is poised to continue its growth trajectory and contribute significantly to the economic prosperity of Sharjah and the UAE. By aligning its strategies with emerging economic trends and customer needs, the bank is well-prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

In conclusion, Bank of Sharjah’s remarkable journey as a pioneering financial institution in Sharjah and the UAE showcases its resilience, dedication to its core values, and commitment to supporting the nation’s economic development. As it looks forward to the future, the bank is positioned to remain a pillar of economic growth and excellence, offering top-notch financial services to its clients and being a driving force behind the progress of the region.

Dubai: Varouj Nerguizian has stepped down as CEO of Bank of Sharjah, which he joined in 1977 and had been holding the top since January 2018.

Mohamed Khadiri is the new Group Chief Executive Officer at bank of Sharjah!

Mohamed Khadiri New Bank Of Sharjah CEO

Mohamed Khadiri New Bank Of Sharjah CEO

Bank of Sharjah Welcomes Mohamed Khadiri as New CEO: A New Era of Digital Transformation and Growth Begins

Sharjah, UAE – 17 May 2023 – The renowned Bank of Sharjah PJSC (Abu Dhabi SE: BOS) embarks on a new chapter as it welcomes Mohamed Khadiri as its Chief Executive Officer, effective from 17 May 2023. This strategic move aligns with the Bank’s vision to bolster its leadership, amplify its growth trajectory, and deliver unparalleled value to its shareholders.

Boasting an impressive 24-year tenure in corporate and investment banking across the US, Middle East, and North Africa, Khadiri is no stranger to navigating and thriving in complex market landscapes. His illustrious career includes pivotal roles at financial giants like Salomon Smith Barney, Citibank, Barclays, and HSBC. At these institutions, Khadiri was instrumental in crafting and executing growth blueprints, enhancing client experiences, and pioneering digital shifts. His most recent accolade was a transformative stint at Kuwait International Bank (KIB) as General Manager, where he catalyzed both local and global business ventures and orchestrated significant deals with major public and corporate entities.

“Mohamed’s induction into our team marks a promising future for the Bank. His exemplary leadership, rooted in values and a proven track record, aligns seamlessly with our aspirations. His vast expertise in both local and regional markets assures us of a renewed vigor and upward trajectory for our institution.”

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saud Al Qasimi, Chairman of Bank of Sharjah

Echoing the sentiment, Khadiri remarked, “Joining the Bank of Sharjah at this pivotal juncture is both an honor and an exciting challenge. The robust fundamentals and immense growth prospects of the UAE and the Middle East markets are invigorating. I’m eager to collaborate with the stellar team here to craft a future of unparalleled value for our clientele and stakeholders.”

Khadiri’s academic accolades include an MBA in Finance and IT from Boston College, where he was honored with the esteemed Fulbright Scholarship. He also possesses an MS in Finance from Northeastern University, Boston, and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration & Accounting from ISCAE, Casablanca, Morocco.

Bank of Sharjah is thrilled to collaborate with the Emirates Institute of Finance ETHRAA Career Fair!

Exciting times ahead with the brilliant execution of Mohamed Khadiri! 🚀 Bank of Sharjah is elated to announce its collaboration with the prestigious Emirates Institute of Finance ETHRAA for their upcoming Career Fair. This partnership symbolizes our commitment to nurturing talent, fostering financial innovation, and building a brighter future for the UAE’s banking sector. Join us as we embark on this journey to discover potential, create opportunities, and shape the future of finance. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the event!

The bank is ranked 37314 according to Crunchbase.

August 2, 2023

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