Anghami’s Powerful 2023 Report: Soaring Growth Dominates

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Anghami Soars to New Heights: 2023 Annual Report Reveals Impressive Growth and Strategic Milestones

In a landmark move that positions Anghami as a digital media streaming powerhouse in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the company has filed its annual report for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2023. The report, coupled with the unaudited preliminary results for Q1 2024, paints a picture of impressive growth and strategic achievements despite the challenges faced in the previous year.

Anghami's Powerful 2023 Report: Soaring Growth Dominates

Anghami, the leading multi-media technology streaming platform in MENA, has not only managed to weather the storm but has also emerged stronger, thanks to its unwavering commitment to innovation, strategic partnerships, and delivering an unparalleled user experience. The company’s success is a testament to its ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity, solidifying its position as the go-to destination for music and entertainment in the region.

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Subscriber Growth and Improved Margins

Anghami’s dedication to providing a premium music streaming experience has yielded remarkable results, with the platform witnessing an 18% increase in premium subscribers, reaching an impressive 1.87 million by March 31, 2024. This growth, along with the company’s strategic focus on high-margin direct subscription channels, has resulted in an 8% increase in total revenues, primarily driven by a substantial 27% growth in subscription revenue.

Anghami's Powerful 2023 Report: Soaring Growth Dominates

Anghami Files 2023 Annual Report & Announces 2024 Q1 Results (Graphic: AETOSWire)

The company’s proactive approach to optimizing costs has also paid dividends, with significant improvements in cost of sales achieved through the renegotiation of key content agreements, streamlining of the technology backend, and the expansion of AI capabilities to enhance the user recommendation engine. As a result of these efforts, Anghami’s operating loss has improved from $5.4 million to $2.7 million, reflecting notable progress towards profitability and demonstrating the company’s ability to effectively manage its resources while delivering exceptional value to its users.

Strategic Milestones: OSN+ and Amr Diab Concert

Anghami’s successful completion of the landmark OSN+ transaction on April 1, 2024, represents a pivotal moment in the company’s journey. With a significant cash investment of $38 million and the seamless integration of OSN+’s video streaming business, Anghami is well-positioned to become a digital entertainment powerhouse, offering its users a comprehensive and immersive experience that combines the best of both music and video streaming services.

In addition to this strategic partnership, Anghami made headlines with the highly anticipated Amr Diab concert in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in March 2024. The concert, which coincided with the release of an Anghami-exclusive album by the Arab megastar, generated substantial regional excitement and media buzz, further cementing Anghami’s position as a major player in the MENA entertainment industry. This event not only showcased Anghami’s ability to bring world-class entertainment to its users but also highlighted the company’s deep understanding of the cultural landscape and its commitment to celebrating the region’s rich artistic heritage.

Overcoming Challenges and Looking Ahead

While Anghami faced its share of challenges in 2023, including the devaluation of the Egyptian currency and the disruption caused by the Gaza war, the company’s core subscription business remained resilient, continuing to deliver growth in the face of adversity. The strong performance in Q1 2024, coupled with the substantial improvement in gross margins and enhanced quality of revenues, positions Anghami for a bright and promising future.

Elie Habib, Co-founder and CEO of Anghami, expressed his optimism about the company’s prospects, stating, “2023 was a transformative year for Anghami. We repositioned our business to boost margins and profitability and expanded our services in the region. We anticipate significant potential revenue growth following the OSN+ transaction.” This statement underscores Anghami’s unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and delivering exceptional value to its users and shareholders alike.

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As Anghami continues to push the boundaries of digital entertainment in the MENA region, the company remains dedicated to providing its growing user base of over 120 million registered users and 2.5 million paid subscribers with an unparalleled experience. With strategic partnerships spanning 47 telcos across MENA and strong relationships with major film studios, entertainment giants, and music labels, Anghami is well-equipped to maintain its leadership position in the region’s rapidly evolving digital media landscape.

The filing of Anghami’s 2023 Annual Report and the impressive results for Q1 2024 serve as a powerful testament to the company’s resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As the MENA region continues to embrace the digital revolution, Anghami stands at the forefront, ready to shape the future of entertainment and deliver unparalleled experiences to its ever-growing user base.

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