Andrey Yakushin: Startups grow through Market Research and Insights

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Andrey Yakushin is a visionary entrepreneur and the esteemed founder of AYConsulting. With an extensive background in finance and a deep understanding of market dynamics, Yakushin has consistently demonstrated his exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial acumen. Through AYConsulting, he has played a pivotal role in assisting numerous organizations across various industries in optimizing their operations, identifying growth opportunities, and overcoming complex challenges. Yakushin’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and his ability to devise innovative solutions have earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor and a driving force behind the success of his clients.

You can read more about AYConsulting in our article and on their website.

Professional experience of Andrey Yakushin

Andrey Yakushin is a professional in the field of market analysis and strategic insights, specializing in EdTech, FoodTech, and venture capital (VC) projects. As the founder of an independent analysis company, he has successfully managed a team of four experts, offering comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, and financial modeling services. With an impressive client portfolio that includes prominent organizations like SFEducation and BroniBoy, Andrey Yakushin has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results. This article explores his expertise and contributions to the industry.

Driving Success through Market Research and SWOT Analysis:

Andrey Yakushin’s proficiency in market research and SWOT analysis has played a pivotal role in assisting projects from the EdTech and FoodTech sectors. By meticulously evaluating market trends, consumer demands, and competitive landscapes, he enables startups to make informed strategic decisions. Through comprehensive SWOT analyses, Andrey identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, helping clients develop effective business strategies.

Leading an Independent Analysis Company:

At the helm of an independent analysis company, Andrey Yakushin successfully leads a team of four talented professionals. His company specializes in offering valuable insights to startups and businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge. Under his guidance, the team conducts market research, competitor analysis, and prospective markets analysis. Furthermore, they excel in calculating competitive pricing schemes for products or services, formulating unique selling propositions (USPs) and key feature propositions (KFPs), and consolidating inputs for financial models from diverse sources such as Bloomberg, EIKON, and CrunchBase.

Notable Clients and International Reach:

Andrey Yakushin’s expertise has attracted prestigious clients, including the Accelerator of the Internet Initiative Development Fund, SFEducation, and BroniBoy. His contributions have positively impacted international markets such as the USA, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Mexico, and various CIS countries. By offering comprehensive market insights, Andrey has empowered startups to expand their operations, penetrate new markets, and maximize their growth potential.

Diverse Project Types and Cryptomining Expertise:

Andrey Yakushin’s proficiency extends beyond EdTech and FoodTech projects. He has successfully worked on diverse project types, including Software as a Service (SAAS), Deeptech metaverse, and cryptomining ventures. His deep understanding of emerging technologies and market dynamics has allowed him to provide invaluable guidance to startups navigating these rapidly evolving industries.

Thought Leadership and Partnerships:

Andrey Yakushin is recognized as a thought leader in the market analysis and venture capital space. As an industry expert, he has showcased his knowledge by organizing a cryptomining full-day session at the prestigious WOW Summit 2022 in Dubai. Furthermore, he has established a valuable partnership with DSIGHT, a Russian venture investment company with a substantial fund size of $500 million. This collaboration allows Andrey to leverage additional resources and expertise, further enhancing the value he delivers to his clients.

Andrey Yakushin’s exceptional expertise in market analysis, SWOT analysis, and strategic insights has made him a prominent figure in the startup and venture capital ecosystem. Through his independent analysis company, he has successfully guided startups and businesses towards achieving their goals. His extensive client portfolio, international reach, and diverse project experience are a testament to his ability to drive success in competitive markets. With his thought leadership and valuable partnerships, Andrey Yakushin continues to shape the future of the startup landscape, empowering entrepreneurs and organizations to thrive in the ever-evolving business world.

Andrey Yakushin is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background in the oil and gas industry as well as venture capital. With experience at prominent organizations such as Lukoil Oil & Gas, ArrowLabs, and GrowthPoint Venture Capital.

Senior Analyst at Lukoil Oil & Gas:

During his time as a Senior Analyst at Lukoil Oil & Gas, Andrey Yakushin made significant contributions to the company’s gas trading division. With meticulous research and analysis, he focused on key assets in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and analyzed information on regional and interregional gas balances. His expertise and support were sought by top management and strategy consultants, including McKinsey & Company and Wood Mackenzie, during Lukoil’s gas strategy update.

Research Analyst at ArrowLabs:

During his tenure as a Research Analyst at ArrowLabs, Andrey Yakushin explored the world of blockchain technology and its potential applications. Collaborating with angel investors, he focused on developing prospective Bitcoin blockchain loan solutions.

Project Manager at GrowthPoint Venture Capital:

As a Project Manager at GrowthPoint Venture Capital, Andrey Yakushin exhibited his leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset. His primary responsibilities included identifying startups operating in the MedTech and BioTech sectors at the seed and pre-seed stages. Furthermore, he closely tracked key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, the number of new clients, and the level of integration with IT platforms and shops for two portfolio companies in the gaming and dental industries. Andrey’s project management skills and strategic insights were instrumental in driving the success of the venture capital fund.

Education of Andrey Yakushin

Andrei Yakushin has pursued a educational journey, culminating in a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance from the prestigious Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. With a strong emphasis on finance, economics, and social sciences, the Higher School of Economics consistently ranks among the top universities in Russia. In fact, it holds the remarkable distinction of being ranked 1-2 in the country for these fields. Prior to his Master’s degree, Andrei completed a Graduate Diploma in International Relations from Moscow State University, which is renowned for its academic excellence. Notably, Moscow State University is ranked as the top university in Russia and is positioned at an impressive 84th spot globally according to the esteemed QS Rankings. Andrei’s educational accomplishments at these renowned institutions serve as a testament to his dedication to academic excellence and provide a strong foundation for his professional endeavors.

Video interview with Andrey Yakushin (Rus)

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