Dubai, celebrated for its architectural grandeur and bustling business landscape, proudly introduces the iconic Al Saqr Business Tower—an architectural marvel that graces the cityscape. As an epitome of modernity and functionality, this 38-floor masterpiece is strategically nestled at the vibrant heart of Dubai’s Business Bay, providing an unparalleled space for businesses to thrive and succeed.

Design and Distinctive Features

Rising to an impressive 158 meters (518 feet), the meticulously designed Al Saqr Business Tower is a creation of the esteemed South African construction contractor, Murray & Roberts. Its sleek, contemporary design seamlessly integrates with Dubai’s urban fabric, standing as a true testament to architectural finesse.

Under the aegis of Al Attar Properties, an embodiment of quality and innovation in real estate development, the tower embodies a plethora of fully furnished offices and mixed-use workspaces. These spaces are meticulously tailored to accommodate diverse business needs while being equipped with essential amenities.

Tailored Amenities and Services

The tower hosts a range of amenities and services meticulously crafted for contemporary businesses and professionals:

1. Effortless Maintenance: Enjoy a hassle-free work environment with on-call maintenance and complimentary technical support, allowing businesses to focus on their core endeavors without interruption.

2. Climate Comfort: Integrated automatic cooling and central air conditioning systems guarantee a comfortable work environment, regardless of external climatic conditions.

3. Swift Vertical Mobility: High-speed elevators ensure seamless vertical movement within the tower, facilitating smooth transitions between floors.

4. Unwavering Security: With round-the-clock security and continuous video surveillance, tenants can confidently entrust the safety and security of their workspace.

5. Sophisticated Conference Facilities: Well-equipped conference rooms cater to official events, business meetings, and presentations, fostering a conducive environment for collaboration.

6. Harmonious Green Spaces: Serene green areas and lush parks provide a rejuvenating escape from busy work schedules, fostering a balanced work-life equilibrium.

7. Empowering Sports Facilities: Acknowledging the importance of physical well-being, the tower offers sports facilities to encourage tenants to stay active and nurture their health.

Versatile Workspace Solutions

A standout attribute of Al Saqr Business Tower is its diverse range of office spaces:

1. Furnished Offices: Fully furnished offices, complete with broadband cables, satellite TV connections, and shared kitchens and bathrooms, cater to businesses of all sizes. Office dimensions vary from 50 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft.

2. Tailored Furnishing: Larger spaces spanning 1,110 sq. ft. to 5,544 sq. ft. provide flexibility for tenants to personalize their workspace with bespoke furniture arrangements. Suspended metal grilles, AC ducts, and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows infuse a modern, airy ambiance.

Convenient Amenities: Parking, Elevators, and More

The tower ensures effortless parking with allocated basement spaces corresponding to office dimensions. Eight high-speed elevators, including service elevators, ensure swift vertical mobility, further backed by reserve power for uninterrupted service.

The Al Saqr Business Tower is a striking embodiment of Dubai’s unwavering commitment to providing world-class infrastructure for thriving businesses. With its contemporary design, adaptable office spaces, and an array of amenities, the tower stands as a dynamic nucleus where businesses can flourish, innovate, and contribute to Dubai’s vibrant economy. Whether it’s the cutting-edge facilities, breathtaking vistas, or prime city-center locale, Al Saqr Business Tower presents businesses with the prospect to achieve excellence in the heart of Dubai’s bustling business district.

We wish every startup grows to occupy a whole floor in this tower!
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August 8, 2023


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