AIBC (Artificial Intelligence Blockchain and Cryptocurrency) is a global leader in events and media production, striving to advance the intersection of new technologies.The AIBC team is passionate about innovation and collaboration, and their mission is to bring together experts, investors, developers and enthusiasts in artificial intelligence, blockchain and other cutting edge fields.

With a proven track record of organizing successful events and initiatives since our founding in 2018, they are recognized as a reliable platform to showcase the latest trends, products and services in the industry. AIBC International Events provide attendees with an unprecedented opportunity to network, learn and share ideas with some of the most influential figures in the field.

The conference is held in five geographical regions, with summits taking place in Asia , the Americas , the Balkans/CIS , Europe and Africa with an appropriate international audience. Exhibitors and delegates are drawn from all over the world for inspiring keynote speeches, educational panels, workshops and more. Their speakers are pioneers in the evolving world of technology, thought leaders and industry titans whose work has brought the full potential of their endeavors in areas such as blockchain and artificial intelligence .into the mainstream and in the process have become pillars of the global economy. Through the platform provided by our summit, these leading figures are discussing, thinking about and preparing the ground for the coming Industrial Revolution 4.0.

By attending the summits, AIBC delegates gain a foothold in the community that is leading the process of adopting new technologies. In addition to being part of the team of the future, delegates will also have several opportunities to participate in trade shows, marketing and networking at our events. Exhibitors will be able to showcase their achievements, services and products to a broad audience of senior executives, decision makers and investors. AIBC also offers a huge variety of marketing options, both physical and digital, including new tactics such as drone displays! Finally, we believe that every event should provide a work-life balance, so we provide our lucky delegates with several opportunities to relax, dine, drink and refine their contact list with some of the most promising figures in the industry.

April 6, 2023


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