9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024

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Dubai, a city known for its innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, is home to a thriving startup ecosystem. From fintech to gaming, these nine startups are making waves in their respective industries, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive change and shape the future. Let’s take a closer look at their profiles and discover how they are transforming the business landscape in the UAE.

Ziina: Simplifying Peer-to-Peer Payments

9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024
  • Founded: 2020
  • Industry: Fintech

Ziina is the first peer-to-peer payment software in the UAE, offering a user-friendly solution for sending and receiving money. With support for various payment methods and a seamless interface, Ziina is making mobile payments more accessible and convenient for users in the region.

Huspy: Streamlining the Mortgage Process

9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024
  • Founded: 2020
  • Industry: Proptech

Huspy is on a mission to simplify the mortgage process in the UAE. By providing customers with access to all major banks and exclusive offers through a single app, Huspy is making home loan acquisition more transparent and efficient for both expatriates and residents.

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Zenda: Revolutionizing School Fee Payments

9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024
  • Founded: 2021
  • Industry: Edtech

Zenda is transforming the way parents pay for their children’s education in Dubai. The platform rewards users for paying school fees on time, offers flexibility to parents, and eliminates manual reconciliation for schools, creating a hassle-free payment experience for all parties involved.

Tarabut Gateway: Pioneering Open Banking in MENA

9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024
  • Founded: 2018
  • Industry: Fintech

Tarabut Gateway is leading the open banking movement in the MENA region. By providing financial companies with easy access to open banking APIs, Tarabut Gateway enables businesses to leverage transactional data for customer insights and facilitate direct bank-to-bank payments, fostering collaboration and innovation in the financial ecosystem.

Rizek: Empowering On-Demand Workers

9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024
  • Founded: 2018
  • Industry: HR

Rizek is empowering on-demand employees in Dubai by connecting them directly with contractors, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Through verification processes and transparency, Rizek ensures safe and reliable employment opportunities for workers across various sectors, including grooming, housekeeping, and nursing.

Fenix Games: Redefining Web 3.0 Gaming

9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024
  • Founded: 2022
  • Industry: Gaming

Fenix Games is revolutionizing the gaming industry by focusing on blockchain technology. As a Web 3.0 publisher, Fenix Games allows players to become stakeholders in the games they play, driving innovation and exploring new possibilities in the realm of decentralized gaming.

Flare Network: Bridging Blockchains

9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024
  • Founded: 2015
  • Industry: Blockchain

Flare Network is enabling increased connectivity between blockchains in the era of decentralized internet. With its advanced layer 1 blockchain, Flare Network facilitates decentralized connectivity with other chains and reliable real-world data sources, supporting the growth and interoperability of the blockchain ecosystem.

Verofax: Enhancing Consumer-Brand Engagement

9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024
  • Founded: 2018
  • Industry: Tech consulting

Verofax is redefining the shopping experience by leveraging blockchain technology to create immersive and personalized interactions between consumers and brands. Through interactive product IDs, advanced computer vision, and augmented reality, Verofax strengthens consumer-brand connections and enables enhanced product authenticity and transparency.

Tabby: Enabling Flexible Payments

9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024
  • Founded: 2019
  • Industry: Fintech

Tabby is transforming the way consumers shop by offering a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solution. With Tabby, users can make purchases instantly and split their payments into manageable, interest-free installments, promoting responsible spending and increasing purchasing power for consumers.

The Future of Innovation: Dubai’s Thriving Startup Ecosystem

Dubai’s startup ecosystem is a testament to the city’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. These nine startups are just a glimpse into the incredible potential that lies within the UAE’s business landscape. From revolutionizing financial services to transforming the gaming industry, these companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive change and create value for consumers and businesses alike.

What sets Dubai apart as a startup hub is its supportive ecosystem, which includes government initiatives, accelerators, incubators, and a network of investors eager to back promising ventures. The city’s strategic location, connecting East and West, along with its business-friendly policies and diverse talent pool, creates an ideal environment for startups to thrive.

As Dubai continues to invest in its startup ecosystem, we can expect to see more groundbreaking innovations emerging from the city. The success stories of these nine startups serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the possibilities that arise when creativity, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit converge.

Whether you’re an investor seeking the next big opportunity or an entrepreneur looking to make your mark, Dubai’s startup scene is definitely worth watching. As the city continues to nurture and support its entrepreneurial talent, it is poised to become a global leader in shaping the future of business and technology.

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These nine Dubai startups are just a snapshot of the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the city. As they continue to innovate and disrupt traditional industries, they are not only driving economic growth in the UAE but also inspiring entrepreneurs around the world. With Dubai’s supportive environment for startups and its commitment to fostering innovation, we can expect to see more game-changing ventures emerge, solidifying the city’s position as a global hub for entrepreneurship and technological advancement.

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9 Best Startups in Dubai to Watch in Summer 2024

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