3IXAM project

3IXAM is cutting-edge software that was designed by Max Marka, co-founder of the design company Max Fabrique. This revolutionary 3D modelling program offers users an unprecedented level of creative control and flexibility when designing objects and characters for their projects—whether they are developing game characters or constructing entire buildings from scratch!

With this powerful program at your fingertips, you can bring to life any object you can imagine in stunning three-dimensional detail. The unique user interface facilitates the fast creation process, with efficient controls that enable precise sculpting and moulding of even complex shapes quickly. The simple but powerful tools also allow for more intricate detailing, giving users complete confidence throughout every stage of modelling their vision into reality.

As if those features weren’t already impressive enough, 3IXAM has some other incredible capabilities too; it allows designers to export animations directly as digital images, which could save many hours on any project! You can even simulate actual lighting conditions; meaning after creating a virtual world with ease, you would then be brought closer to achieving real results in terms or shadows & reflections which will certainly amaze viewers. To make matters just better, if something does not turn out well within animation cycles due to changes needed during editing versions – using its non-linear timeline feature, one could effortlessly move frames & manipulate events without having trouble navigating through windows. So whether you’re an experienced designer himself or a newbie who just beginning his journey –3lXAM should always leave them inspired while delivering exceptional work!

Max Fabrique company

Max Fabrique is a company specializing in interior design and architectural solutions. The company consist of experienced professional employees which offer customs, and contemporary designs for residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Whether a home or building is renovated from the ground up, use modern materials such as metal frames, slate tiles and concrete walls to create spaces with impactful liveability that meets people’s needs.

Max Fabrique use sustainable products to deliver energy efficiency without compromising on quality or aesthetics. The company collaborate directly with customers through every step of the process in order to better understand their individual styles and criteria while creating an environment that they love living in or doing business within. From sketches, all the way into reality – Max Fabrique manages every aspect which saves customer time & money as well! All products come with different finishing options, so you can customize your own space right down to individual details like fabrics & colours. As members of both IDA International Design Association & AIA American Institute Of Architects, we ensure high standards throughout any project’s duration whilst keeping costs competitive at Max Fabrique prices!

10 reasons why you should choose 3IXAM

1. Cross-platform rendering – 3IXAM integrates all your devices into one huge single system – 3D farm, so you can increase rendering speed tenfold;

2. Minimum system requirements – 3IXAM has low system requirements and supports a wide range of file formats;

3. Fast rendering – 3IXAM uses all the computing power of the system, so you can complete 30 projects instead of 3 in the same period of time;

4. Built-in asset library – 3IXAM has a vast built-in asset library, so you can save time with pre-made elements;

5. Animation support – 3IXAM supports animation, so you can create beautiful and realistic animations with ease;

6. Multi-layered editing – 3IXAM allows you to create complex objects with multiple layers of details;

7. Easy learning curve – 3IXAM has an easy learning curve, so even beginners can quickly start creating 3D models;

8. Game development support – 3IXAM supports game development, so you can bring your game concepts to life with ease;

9. Non-destructive editing – 3IXAM allows you to edit 3D models without any risk of data loss;

10. NFT and metaverse support.

February 5, 2023


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