Women SME Leaders Awards 2024: A Celebration of Global Excellence with Mastercard and Entrepreneur Middle East

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Our guest writer, Eve Laws, visited the Women SME Leaders Awards 2024 on the 6th of June.

The Women SME Leaders Awards 2024, in partnership with Mastercard and Entrepreneur Middle East magazine, was a spectacular celebration held at the esteemed Banyan Tree Forum on Bluewaters Island. This prestigious event honored an extraordinary group of women entrepreneurs from around the world, showcasing their remarkable contributions and achievements in the business arena.

The awards ceremony welcomed a diverse and international audience, with attendees flying in from regions such as Africa and Eastern Europe. This global representation underscored the rich diversity and innovative spirit of the event.

The evening was marked by inspiring speeches from several prominent figures in the business community. The lineup of distinguished speakers included:

  • Amnah Ajmal, Executive Vice President of Market Development EEMEA, Mastercard
  • Alya Al Zarouni, COO, DIFC
  • Mila Smart Semeshkina, CEO and Founder of Lectera.com and the Women’s Empowerment Council
  • Beata Monka, Owner of BMBC
  • Alexandra Agatowska, CEO of PZU Life and Luu Kids
  • Nezha Alaoui, CEO of Women Choice
  • Ola Boudin, Co-founder of Mitosis
  • Smoke Adebanjo, Senior Vice President of Merchant and Commerce EEMEA, Mastercard
  • Fadi Ghandour, Chairman of Waldo and Founder of Aramex

Among the speakers, Fadi Ghandour stood out with his captivating story about a female entrepreneur in Gaza who successfully established a baby diaper business amidst conflict. His heartfelt narrative deeply moved the audience and highlighted the resilience and determination of women entrepreneurs in challenging circumstances. Ghandour’s wisdom and charm during the Q&A session provided invaluable insights and inspiration to all present.

The Women SME Leaders Awards 2024 not only celebrated individual achievements but also brought to light the ongoing issues of gender inequality. The speakers addressed a range of challenges faced by women, including self-sabotage, and discussed strategies for overcoming these barriers.

This event was more than just an awards ceremony; it was a powerful platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering connections among like-minded professionals. It highlighted the importance of supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs to drive economic growth and innovation.

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